Search marketers have long-loved SpyFu Kombat for its role as a utility player, turning shared keywords into different insights for both SEO and PPC. Kombat gives you recommendations of keywords to add — a nice helping hand when you’re just starting a campaign. People running established campaigns can pick up tips for improvements and wasteful keywords to drop.

Kombat is easy to start and nearly fool-proof to understand.

First, A Look at Kombat’s Key Features

Two features make this “Shared Keywords” section integrate so smoothly into your SEO and PPC projects:

The Automatic Filters are the Key.

Now Kombat moves from being a cool-to-those-in-the-know tool to one that’s far more accessible to everyone. (Sorry, search marketing hipsters.)

From the first time you open this tool, you can choose the right set of keywords just off of the description of how they can help.

See how the gold overlap section pops up when you hover on the “buy recommendations” segment? That’s just to show exactly which shared keyword group we’re referencing. Clicking that segments or on the title itself will open that set of keywords in a grid that you can export. (As shown in the image. You might have to click the image to see the full animation.)

So now instead of having to reference a tutorial and look at charts and arrows to remember which overlap does what, you can simply point to the keywords you need.

We’ll cover more in just a bit about how each of these sections can help (and when you’d use them). Sit tight. There’s one more addition that keeps your work moving smoothly.

That addition happens before you even open the tool…

We’ll Get it Started For You

You’ve got a domain in your sights that you’d like to learn from. Quick! Think of 2 strong competitors to match them up against. It’s not too hard if you find their “top competitors” section on the domain’s overview page, but we think a streamlined approach is best.

Just type in a domain, and we can take care of the rest.

The domain overview page (what you see when you search a domain in SpyFu) will automatically search out — and load — the domain’s competitors. You can also replace any domains that we suggested. Just type into the search boxes and click “fight.”

How These Sections Add Certainty to Your Campaign

If you’ve never used Kombat before, you can still get as much out of the tool as someone who has been working it into their campaigns for years. The labeled segments tell you what to expect so there’s no guesswork.

Here is what you can gain from each one:

The segments themselves are sorted into two sections.

  1. Overall market research
  2. Recommendations

The market research category helps anyone checking out their new (or potential) competitors.

Look for these two segments.

Keyword Universe

Keywords that any of the 3 competitors listed rank for. In the PPC version, these the keywords that any of the competitors buy.

This helps you get a sense of the wide spectrum that the domains cover.

Core Niche

The keyword universe covers any keyword as long as (at least) one domain ranks for it (or in the PPC version, buys it). This core niche segment includes only the keywords that all 3 listed competitors rank for (or buy).

This segment is a hot “must-have” for starting a campaign. When you know that 3 different competitors agree on the same keywords, you can confidently add those keywords to your campaign. It’s an easy way to start quickly with confidence.

Recommendations help when you are looking for ways to improve your AdWords campaigns or your content planning. This can be in the form of keywords to add/target or keywords to drop (or set to negative match).

Recommendations go from reviewing “all 3 competitors” to breaking out your domain (the original domain searched) from your competitors. Here’s what you can learn from those comparisons:


Your competitors rank for these keywords, but you don’t. (Put into PPC terms, you don’t buy these keywords but your competitors both do.) Consider these opportunities.

These can act as beacons on keywords worth targeting. Let the wisdom of the market convince you. When two or more competitors rank, then that’s likely a keyword worth your efforts.

From a PPC perspective: Advertisers vote with their money that these are the keywords to trust. One domain buying a keyword might be just a test. When two or more domains buy the same keyword, you should look into it, too.

Exclusive Wins/Exclusive Buys (Negative Match Recommendations)

Just the flip side to “weaknesses,” these exclusive terms are likely branded keywords or long tail terms where your site is the first on the scene. In some cases, it’s important to look at these with a cautious eye.

If your competitors aren’t showing up on the same keywords that you rank for, this could be a sign you’re wasting efforts where there’s not much of an audience. Kombat helps you identify potential dead ends so you can spend your time targeting stronger keywords instead. 

When you look at this section for your domain in PPC Kombat, consider these our recommendations for terms you should set to negative match. Many times the culprit is a broad match mistake, so this helps you determine where you ad is showing up when you don’t want it to be.

A 3-Way Match Up: Fight! Fight! Fight!

All of these comparisons and insights are possible when you compare up to 3 domains. That functionality had been locked in the older version of SpyFu.

This update helps you see the importance of all possible segments, but only those who log in with a premium membership can see the full set of keywords in each segment.

And since we pre-load your competitors from the instant you search a domain, all you have to do to get a 3-way Kombat match-up started is, well, open it.


On that note, let’s see how to get there:


How to Get to SpyFu Kombat/Shared Keywords

The new SpyFu is designed around the idea of pulling the best findings from every tool we’ve ever created into a simple-to-digest overview. There’s always more just a click away, too. That means that you can start with a domain search and get to the new Kombat (Shared Keywords) section a couple of different ways:

Path # 1: Domain Overview

There are quick links at the top of the overview page and a more interactive intro to the tool when you scroll down.




Path # 2: PPC Research/SEO Research

Now that you have an option to dive into PPC related tools or focus on just SEO work, you can reach the Kombat page from either of these tracks.

Both the PPC Overview and the SEO Overview pages mimic the options on the first domain overview page from Path #1:

You can click the quick link from the top section, OR you can scroll down for the tool.


However, when you want to use Kombat immediately, there’s always a direct approach.

There are many options because we want to make it easy for you to get quick, clear answers in your SEO or PPC campaigns. SpyFu Kombat has long been a popular feature inside of SpyFu’s full set of competitive intelligence tools. It’s our plan to make sure that you always have its benefits within easy reach while you work on your campaigns.

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