Find related keywords based on clicks, cost, searches, and sites that you want to see.

The advanced filters and commands inside the Related Keywords feature on SpyFu improves your experience with better results. Boom. This baby is a force for good.

If you prefer the simple route, don’t fret. We’ve kept it easy to get new keyword ideas in a single search. However, if you want to tighten your results to a list that works for you, you have that option right here. Ready to see what you can do?

Here’s a list of specific queries you can add to the search bar.

Require +

Tells the filter your “must-have” criteria, usually used in combination with keyword roots (+fish +tacos) or sites (+site:

+”fish tacos”

This filter brings up “fish tacos” within terms like “fish tacos recipe,” “grilled fish tacos,” and “how to make fish tacos.” This specific requirement delivers narrowly targeted keywords compared to entering fish tacos with no (+) where the results include ideas created from “fish” or “tacos” like trout mount or meatball recipes.

Exclude –

Exclude data from calculations and results. Like Require (+) it is used to tighten your results. Consider (ceiling fan –installation) for sales only.

Wildcard *

Adding an asterisk (*) to a partial or full word filters variations on that word with prefixes, letters, plurals or –ing to fill in the wildcard’s spot.


Expect variations like unique wrapping paper, wrapped gifts, and roll wrap.


This filter produces examples like natural, nature, and naturopath


Results include textbooks, books about landscaping, and workbooks.


The asterisk in the middle triggers both figment and fragment

Similar ~

This “fuzzy search” filters misspellings and similar words with either an include OR an exclude.

+carreer~ +training

The combination triggers keywords with the proper spelling of “career” and “training” as well as any “carreer” misspellings with training.


Specify the domain whose keyword list you want to sample. Using site+ pulls keyword suggestions only from that domain’s paid keyword list.


Produces only keywords that has appeared on during the last 12 months.

Require combination

Require (or exclude) a keyword specifically from that site.


This would pull up the keywords that ranks for (or has purchased) that include “mario” in the term.

You can also require multiple modified keywords specifically from that site.

+mario +cart~ +site:

Multiple required

+site: +site: –site:

That combination produces keywords that Name1 and Name2 advertise on that Name3 does not. Enjoy the execution of SpyFu Kombat using as many domains as you’d like.

We’ve also taken an advanced search query and made it easier for everyone to access. When you are looking at stats like cost per month, search volume and number of advertisers, you can set a custom range.

Custom Ranges

Cost Per Month

This qualifier suggests terms based on your specific budget. The amount comes from CPC multiplied by the clicks per day.

keyword “online degree” + a custom Cost per Month range of 3000 to 5000

The example will return results for “online” and “degree” that have an estimated cost per day from $300 to $500.

Monthly Search Volume

The traffic volume we show is an estimation of the monthly traffic that keyword gets on Google:

Filters results — based on camping and gear — where 1000 to 3700 broad match searches are done each day. (Based on US or UK search data — not global results) wiht the Clicks per Month set to a custom range of 4500 TO 9000

Returns keywords that has advertised on in the past 12 months that most recently averaged approximately 4500 to 9000 clicks per month.

SEO Difficulty

This takes many factors into account to help you understand how hard it would be to rank for each keyword.

Your custom range might aim for something not too low (to avoid low interest and volatility) and not too high (tough to crack through).


Finding long-tail keywords is easier with a filter on the number of words used in the search phrase.

college financial aid with Number of Words set to more than 3

The exclusion of a smaller word count limits the results to long-tail suggestions like “how to afford college” and “college scholarship loan grant.”


The number of advertisers shown on the given keyword is a total from the past 12 months.

“kids room murals” with Advertisers set to at least 6 (range 7 to 1000)

Filters out keywords that don’t show at least total 7 advertisers on the term in the past year.

Broad Cost Per Click

The total search volume for the keyword idea, synonyms and related words. Includes matches on at least one word of a 2 (or more) word-phrase.

Advertiser setting: Jet engine

Matches could include jet engine models, jet stream, and engine parts.


Use these combinations to discover the narrowly targeted keywords that fit your needs. These advanced features to totally optional. If you prefer something simpler, try our preset filters that adapt to your keywords and respond in a snap.

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