How to Set Up Recurring Reports

You can create ranking alerts inside of the MySpyFu project manager. This weekly or monthly summary (your choice) shows rank changes in the keyword groups of your choice.

Below are the instructions to set up that kind of report. After you create one, you can manage any recurring reports in your "Account Settings" section of your SpyFu profile.

Create a Ranking Alert

1. Open the "MySpyFu" Project Manager

The MySpyFu feature lets you save any keywords that you find while working in any part of SpyFu. Think of projects as folders for each domain. You can save keywords to each project, and those keywords can live in "groups."

Our ranking updates will give you details on how keywords in a group performed.

Open the project that has the group you'd like to track.

If you don’t have any projects set up yet, you can create one and start tracking any keyword groups that you add to it.

2. Go to the Groups section

Click the Groups title in the navigation panel.

3. Click the Export to PDF Button

Check the box next to the keyword group(s) you'd like track. Click Export to PDF.

4. Customize and Schedule Your Report

First, set up the PDF to have any title and personalization you'd like. Everything here, including optional comments, will be displayed on the front page of the report.

Email and Scheduling

Instead of an on-page PDF, you can get this keyword group’s performance summary delivered to your inbox. You can also add email addresses so that clients and colleagues can get the recap sent directly to them.

Choose how often you'd like the report to go out.

5. Click “Generate PDF”

That last action creates the report and (if you chose the email and schedule options), it sets up regular email updates to go out.

You can manage any scheduled emails inside your “My Account” settings.

How to Manage Your Reports

The "manage alerts" section of Account Details gives you control over who gets an email. You can also turn them off for as long as you’d like, or just turn off the notifications for one person at a time.

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