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"SpyFew" Videos -- Mini Tutorials

Easy-to-digest videos about the most commonly asked-about features on SpyFu

Intro to SpyFu

Everything you need to get started with SpyFu

SpyFu Keyword Tools

Helpful tips to find keyword gems through our tools

SpyFu Overview Pages

Everything you need to know about the SEO, PPC and Keyword overview pages

PPC Keywords and Ads

Help with our PPC Tools: find keywords and write better ads


Build skills to help drive organic traffic to your site

Competitive Research

Learn from your competitors' best practices and bad misses

SpyFu Data

Information about what metrics we use and where they come from

Ad History

See how competitors improved their ads over time

Top Pages

Find a domain's most valuable SEO pages

SpyFu Reports

Our custom Recon Files reports and PDF exports help with client presentations

Sales Leads & Outreach

Everything you need to know about the SpyFu sales leads and outreach tools.

Ranking History

Find the past rankings of any website, or who ranked for a specific keyword

Kombat (Domain Comparison)

Compare other domains to find the keywords they share but you're missing


The built-in project manager adds a personal touch to your research

Account & Billing

Answers about your SpyFu account


Find answers to what things on SpyFu mean and how we calculate our stats

Release Notes

Updates made to SpyFu