The daily spend that we show is an estimate of a domain's Google Ads spending (search ads). It does not include their budget for display ads or search ads that run on other sites.

Estimated budgets help size up a competitor or potential client and give you a good baseline for comparing domains.

In this video, we give a pretty detailed explanation of how we work with that data and what happens when we're wrong.

What about an ad budget without keywords?

There is a rare case where you might find a domain with an ad budget, but when you click through to find recent keywords, there are none.

This is due to a safety net we put into place with our ad budget calculations here at SpyFu. We don’t want to rush to conclusions about a domain if, during one month, we don’t find any keywords for it. A domain might suddenly turn off all ad spend at any time, and that would blink off of our radar for a second but then come back strong the next month.

If we don't see any ads, we don't slam on the brakes. Instead, we glide to a spot. To get a domain's ad budget to zero, it would take over a 4 month period. Our intention is to smooth out the data to account for any hiccups.

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