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I know that I rank on more/fewer words than what you have listed. What’s going on?
I know that I rank on more/fewer words than what you have listed. What’s going on?
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More: If you know you rank on more, there could be more than one explanation. Any one of these could apply:

  • Some of the terms that you rank on might not be in our list of the millions of search terms that we run each month. You can fix that easily. SpyFu subscribers can add new keywords to our database, and we’ll start searching them the following month.

  • It is one of our terms, but your site didn’t show up any of the times we searched. This could have happened because the site did not rank high enough on that term (within the first 2 pages of ads) or, if it was late in the day, your ad budget could have been used up.

  • The domain might have just started advertising this month, and we are still collecting the data.

Or if you think you rank on fewer keywords: If you think there is no way you rank on a certain term, consider this. We keep old ads in our system, so if you ranked on an ad last year we still have it. Let’s say that you didn’t expect to rank on “art supplies,” but we show that you do. Here is how you can see where we made the connection:

  1. Click on that term (or just search for “art supplies” in SpyFu) to get to its page.

  2. Verify that you see your domain in the list of advertisers on that term’s page (You might have to click on “view more.”)

  3. Click on “View Cached Page” in the term stats to see the actual downloaded Google page for further verification.

Also, “broad match” could be the culprit. Read the article “Using SpyFu Kombat to Highlight Negative Keywords to Trim the Fat” for more on this occurrence.

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