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Understanding SpyFu’s Leads Page
Understanding SpyFu’s Leads Page
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Lead generation can be tricky and tedious. Find smarter leads faster with SpyFu!  Filter, sort, and export business contacts in order to find focused leads in a niche market.

If you want to know more about SpyFu, here is a quick introduction to all of our helpful tools.



Video Transcript:

This video will cover the Leads tab on SpyFu


To get to SpyFu leads, just go to the Business Leads tab underneath the List Builder.  


We already have thousands of leads for you to filter through and export to a csv.  This will help you gain business contacts as well as build a potential customer base.

Our leads platform is a little different than others.  We do our best to help marketing agencies find and connect with niche markets, not just broad industries.  


Maybe you did some marketing work for a golf course, they had money and a good product, but needed help with their SEO and AdWords.  The experience was positive, and now since you are already familiar with the industry, you want to do more work for similar golf courses! SpyFu can help you find domains of a similar budget, with similar traffic, even in a similar location!


This enables you to scale your services to this specific industry, find their contact information, and begin to expand your business into that market!


Our focus is to provide you with as much contact information as possible for a domain, so you’re not stuck talking to the front desk of every business you’d like to reach out to.  


With that in mind, I’d like to point out the contact icons on the far right of the results.  These indicate what types of contact information we have for this particular lead.  SpyFu has more social information on domains than sales genie and linkedin combined.  Giving you the ability to reach out to each domain through multiple channels.  Now you have the option to not only call them, but tweet them or comment on their facebook page!  


I’ll go more into filtering for that later, but let’s start with the other basics of this tool.


You can search through the results by typing in a keyword that you’d like to focus on (golf course). These domains will all be tied to this keyword, meaning you can focus on an specific industry or product. By clicking “other options” you can also exclude certain keywords from your results.


SpyFu will display the domains that fit this criteria, and also give you some details to help you identify the best candidates for you.  Including estimates on how much their monthly ad budget is, and how many SEO clicks we predict they get.  You can sort these leads by clicking on the column headers.


Underneath the keyword filtering is our industry filter.  From a technical perspective, this works exactly the same as the keyword search, so if you don’t see your industry on here, don’t sweat, just type your industry into the keyword filter. We wanted to include the top industries that people search for leads on.  And then help you drill down into your specific niche.  


You can narrow this down even further by adding in a location.  Want only state wide, or super local businesses in a certain industry?  By adding multiple filters, you can find exactly who you’re looking for.


A lot of times you’re looking for contacts you can reach out to and help with their PPC or SEO campaigns.  Maybe you want them already to have a large budget, or small organic traffic that you think you could improve with your SEO work.  This filter helps find them.


Filtering by contact type is my personal favorite filter.  It’s the opportunity to put your best foot forward.  Are you really good on the phone?  Filter for that!  Is your business’s Facebook page active and well moderated?  Include that one!  Or just find domains that you can contact through several channels, increasing your chances of reaching someone who you can actually talk to.  


Finally, you can filter by which technology they use on their site.  Which is helpful if you’re more focused on their software than their actual industry.


Putting it all together I can find domains that are based out of Arizona.  Who I can contact via email, phone, and twitter.  Who have a shopping cart on their website.  


I can take these contacts and export them!  


And the export is where the real magic happens.  Right there you have access to their phone numbers, e- mails, and social accounts.  It’s up to you how many of these channels you want to contact them through.  


You’ll notice that the is a cap on how many leads you’re allowed to export.  Leads is one of the few things that is not unlimited on SpyFu.  The good news is that our most basic plan includes 250 leads exports every month, the plan up from that provides twice as many.  So you have plenty of leads exports to work with, no matter what!


Use SpyFu to gain focused leads, and reach out to them through your strongest channels.  If you’re hungry for even more outreach check out SpyFu’s backlink builder tool!

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