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Understanding the SEO Overview Page
Understanding the SEO Overview Page
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Want to know what your top SEO competitors are up to? Here’s a quick tutorial going over the basics of SpyFu’s SEO Overview Page.  Dig into the history of a domain’s SEO marketing.  Learn from their mistakes and successes.

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Video Transcript

This video is going to give you a step by step tour of the SEO Overview tab, what the top sections mean, and how to use them in your Organic campaigns.


The SEO Overview tab displays a rollup of a domain’s overall organic performance, as well as a jumping off point to all the SEO tools you have at your command. You have the option to click through any of these preview sections to get even more data.


First thing – type in a domain into the search box, for best results we recommend using a competitor that you’d like to investigate and possibly emulate.


The main point of this page is to give you a glance at this domains most pertinent SEO information, and even to export it for your own research or to show progress to a client.  


Here’s a link to the domain itself, and whether we consider it to have a small, medium, or large SEO presence.


This is generally determined by the amount of keywords that they are ranking on.  Which you can view right here.  We can also expand this graph to see how they’ve historically increased or dropped in the amount of Organic Keywords they rank on.  


When looking through a domain’s history you can get a feel for how they are evolving their SEO.  Have they steadily been moving up in the ranks, and gaining more keywords?  This is an indication that they’re a strong competitor who’s worth digging into.  If they’ve started faltering and failing in their organic presence, you might want to avoid emulating their current campaign.


From this chart you can see other historic metrics as well.  If you’re ever confused what these mean, you can click on the little question mark in the corner, and it will give you a clear explanation.  These tooltips are all over the site, to help you understand different terms without having to leave the page.


Take note of the different Google algorithm changes at the bottom.  Some of these changes and quality updates have major effects on keyword rankings.  Sometimes these can ripple industry wide, so if you’ve noticed your SEO ranks tank recently, it might not just be you.  Check your competitors and see if they suffered the same penalties at the same time, and then do your best to overcome it before they can!


The most valuable place that your content and keywords can be found is on page one of Google.  This is where the vast majority of people click.  Here we’ll tell you how many keywords this domain has on the first page, which ones just got there this month, and which ones fell off the first page this month.  


When looking up your own domain, finding the keywords that are “almost there” can be extremely insightful.  Again, you can click on the section, or any of these other sections, to see the actual keywords that are ranked on the second page.


If you do a bigger push for some of these keywords – meaning writing targeted blog posts revolving around the specific terms, or even revamping or reposting the content that got you to the second page, you might be able to boost your site to the first page on that keyword.


This is some of the low hanging fruit that you’re going after.  Using some of these keywords as a guide to your content plan is what focused SEO is all about.  Include these keywords in your tags and headlines, for both old and new articles, to help bolster this content.


Below these main graphs we’ll also give you other quick representations of how this domain is performing.  Including how many keywords are improving or declining in the ranks, and which ones have just appeared on the top 50 ranks for this domain.  This gives a good impression of this domain’s victories and shortcomings for the previous month.


We’ll give you the most basic information on the backlink distribution, but again, if you want all of the backlink information including discovery and filtering, just click on “more” and we’ll guide you to those details.


Finally, we let you know how long we’ve been tracking this domain’s SEO performance.  And give you a quick link to SpyFu Kombat, which is one of our most popular tools.  


Below this area we have preview sections of what you’ll find on these other SEO tabs.  These sections only give you a taste of the data and so if you see something that even remotely peaks your interest click on the view all buttons to get the full spread of information you need.


We’re currently building tutorial videos explaining how each tab and graph works, and how to use them.  As soon as they’re ready we’ll post them right next to the tool itself.


Full disclosure, this is one of the first step-by-step videos that we’re building, so if you have thoughts on how to make it better click here, and let me know!


We wish you luck on your SEO adventures, if you have any specific questions feel free to click on our live chat link below and talk to one of our in-house customer service people.  


As always, thank you for watching.

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