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Download all of my Competitor’s Keywords
Download all of my Competitor’s Keywords

Everything you need to know about downloading your competitor's keywords

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How to Download Your Competitor's Keywords

1. Enter your competitor’s domain into the main search bar on (and hit enter or click the search icon).

2.  Using the SEO Research tab, choose "SEO Keywords." (Or, use the PPC Research tab to open "PPC Keywords.")

How to get there from the Domain Overview: Scroll down a bit until you see the section for “Top Keywords.” We separated them into organic competitors and paid keywords. Choose the set you want and click “view all” to open the entire list.

There you will be on a keywords tab (SEO or PPC) for this domain.

3. You will have the option to export all keywords or filter them first before exporting.

What makes these the domain’s top keywords/most valuable keywords?

We figure out the best (probably most profitable) keywords by observing a domain’s behavior over time.  Basically, every time they buy a keyword they are essentially casting a vote that it works for them. The higher the rank, and the more the keyword costs, the more important that vote becomes.  Voting with money is a pretty powerful way to measure sentiment.

Of course, you end up seeing things like the domain’s trademark in the top 10.  And that makes sense, because advertising on your own trademark is very often one of your most profitable bets. 

Alongside their branded terms, you'll see terms that they trust and rely on month after month.

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