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Intro to SpyFu
Quick introduction to SpyFu
Quick introduction to SpyFu
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Just starting out with SpyFu?  This video will give you a quick tour of SpyFu and its various PPC and SEO tools.  Learn how to use SpyFu’s keyword and backlink insight to boost your ranks on google.

Don’t waste money on your internet marketing campaigns with tedious trial and error anymore.  Spy on your competitors, take their best online strategies and use them for your site.


Video Transcript:


Welcome to SpyFu.  

If you’re looking to organize and improve your SEO and PPC campaigns,

or find the best keywords in your market,

you’ve come to the right place.


This video is going to give you a quick tour of SpyFu, so you can jump start your research.


You don’t need an account to get started;

Simply type a competitor’s domain into the search bar.


This is an overview page,

here to give you the most important info right off the bat.


Including the keywords this domain ranks on,

the keywords they buy,

even estimates on things like monthly clicks and ad budget.


If this seems like a lot of data, don’t worry,

we’ll show you how to make sense of every piece of information. (show tooltips)



But this is what the heart of SpyFu is all about


When you’re able to observe (spy on?) a competitor

and see how they’ve evolved aspects of their campaigns,

you can take the lessons that they learned and apply them to your site on day one.


This applies to both competitors that you’re familiar with

– that sell similar things or provide a similar service as you do.

Or competitors on the fringes of your niche

– who have strong content and are vigilant with their adwords upkeep.


We’ll help you find the best domains you can learn from.

Apply lessons from their biggest failures

And their soaring successes.


So you can spend less time wasting money on trial and error

And more time making money on strategies your competitors have already proven profitable.


With that goal in mind, SpyFu was designed to help you drill deep into a competitor’s domain.



Scrolling down reveals even more information


Like this domain’s top competitors in both SEO and PPC

Or how it’s keywords are overlapping with those competitors

-which is crazy helpful if you want to find the keywords they’re bidding on and you’re not


You can check out their top keywords, possibly make them your own.

See how they’ve evolved their AdWords campaign, and what their best ads are currently,

Or even a history of how they’ve moved up and down in the ranks in google.


When you find the info that fits your needs, click on view more



Two things you may have noticed:


One – we’re in a different section of the site.  

Specifically the the PPC Ad History section,

-optional- Which shows the history of the all ads this domain has ever run


All of these tabs are clickable,

So, do some exploring,

find the section that is most valuable to you

Whether it’s the overview of their PPC campaign

Or their organic Ranking History.


The second thing you might have noticed is that we need to login to see all of the results.


We display some data for everyone who want to use us for free.  

But the real magic of SpyFu is revealed when you sign up!  


So I’m going to login right now in order to show the full majesty of SpyFu’s data.


Look how many more keywords there are now – thousands!  


If I click on one of these keywords, SpyFu will return its details

Including how much it costs,

How often people search for it

Keywords that are similar to this one, in case you need to expand your keyword list.

And of course, the domains who are advertising on it

Or ranking on it organically.



SpyFu has tracked millions of keywords starting in 2007,

And we’ve never thrown away any information about them

If you do manage to think of a keyword that we’re NOT tracking

Like a brand name, or obscure long tail keyword

You can add up to 10,000 new keywords to our database every day.


And now that I’m logged in I can export all of these keywords if I’d like.  

Either to a presentation ready PDF.

Or a data focused CSV.  


These exports are unlimited

so you could spend an entire work-week exporting data for all of your competitors

and fleshing out your campaigns offline.


Of course, you also have the option of setting up all of your campaigns

and organize their keywords right inside SpyFu.


I’m going to slide this little sidebar out and check out all of the campaigns I’ve been building.


It takes less than a minute to set one up for your domain.

And once you do you can set up groups of targeted keywords,

Get weekly updates on how you’re domain is performing on those keywords

And then adjust your campaign strategies,

Only focusing on the ones that are improving your ranks

…and making you money.

And trimming out the ones that Google isn’t rewarding.


Finding and organizing this data really puts you in the driver’s seat of your campaigns.

But for those of you who want a quick, but thorough analysis of a site

Whether it be yours or a potential clients

You can always run one of SpyFu’s premium reports – Recon Files


Unlike our unlimited PDF reporting,

Recon will analyze every aspect of a domain

And return recommendations on what keyword you should buy

What competitors are beginning to emerge in your market

And a ton of other in-depth campaign analysis.


It’s like having your own personal assistant who does all of the research for you

And returns a clean, easy to understand report

that you can use to update your campaigns

Or present to a client letting them know the great work you’re doing for their site


Every SpyFu member can run a certain amount of reports every month


SpyFu is so big that it can seem overwhelming at times,

fortunately we have extensive tutorial content that covers every aspect of the site and how to use it.


Not to mention in-house customer service and live chat if you ever get stuck.


There are no contracts or cancellation fees.

Annnnd we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

So if you sign up and realize it’s not right for you,

Just cancel in the first month and we’ll give you all of your money back.


The landscape of internet marketing is only becoming more active

And more competitive.

SpyFu exists so you can get a leg up on your competition.

Using the best techniques in your market space on day one

For both advertising

And content creation


So if you’re just starting out

Or if you’re a seasoned professional

SpyFu will give you the information you need to gain an edge on your competition.

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