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Understanding the Domain Overview Page
Understanding the Domain Overview Page

Everything you need to know about the Domain overview page

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Want to know what your top competitors are up to? Here’s a quick tutorial going over the basics of SpyFu’s Domain Overview Page.  Learn about a company’s domain history, and their current progress.  Learn from their mistakes and successes.

Video Transcript:

This is a 2 minute video covering the basics of SpyFu’s Domain Overview tab, so you can get the the best information about your competition in no time.


You get to the Domain Overview by typing a domain into the search box, for best results have it be the domain of one of your competitors.


The best information is provided at the top.  We cover the basics of SEO here, and PPC right here.  This center circle shows you how much this domain is using Organic SEO vs. running PPC ads in Google Ads.  You can see their ad budget right here, as well as a bunch of other handy metrics.


When you click on most numbers or charts on this tab we’ll direct you a new tab in the site to give you more information on that particular metric.  So if you see something your interested in, don’t hesitate to click on it and check out its details, you can always come back to the overview page.


We’re going to scroll down a bit to show you this domain’s top competitors both on the SEO side and Paid side.


A little further down we show what keywords they overlap with their two biggest competitors in SpyFu Kombat.


Just like in the charts above, you can click view all on any of these sections to get more details about it.


Below the overlap, you will see this domains best performing keywords in both SEO and PPC.  And just below that, are any ads that they’re running.  You can scroll back in time, sometimes bringing to the first ads that company ever ran.  When you click “screenshot” it will lead you to the actual SERP that we saw the actual ad.


Scrolling a little further will lead us to their top SEO keywords and how they’ve been moving up and down in the ranks over the last several years, including notifications of when Google updated their algorithm.  


Finally we will show you the specific backlinks that are helping lead traffic to this website.  If you reach out to some of these sites, you might be able to snag a similar backlink leveraging your webpage.


And those are the basics of the domain overview, play around with it and feel free to watch our many other videos and read our blogs that go more in depth into each page and chart and how you can use them to your best advantage

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