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How to customize and white label your Recon Report--Simple Steps
How to customize and white label your Recon Report--Simple Steps

Everything you need to know about customizing your Recon reports

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Tailor any Recon Files report with your personal stamp.

These reports are designed to make you look like a million bucks, and now your Recon Files reports rise to the occasion.  These reports are built from content customization, allowing you to choose the competitors in your report.  For a polished appearance, though, here’s how to customize your report.

Option 1: Editing on the Page (PDF Preview)

  1. Sign in to the Recon Files page (

  2. Choose the Customize option to open a drop-down menu that gives you your choice of adding a logo, choosing your theme, or further editing.

  3. Remember to click “finish” when you’re done.

This “Live Preview” lets you see the changes on the report itself. It gives you context and on-the-page examples of how your updates change the look.  You can access Option 1 as soon as your Recon report is ready. Your second option, though, is available as soon as you start the report in the report wizard.

Option 2: Edit Report Settings Before it’s Complete

  1. Sign in to the Recon Files page.

  2. Choose the Settings option.  This will open a new page with every option in one place

  3. Go down the list and make any selections you’d like to apply.  (Remember to click “save.”)

Tips on White Labeling

White labeled reports are ready for your branded look.  You can drop the SpyFu default logo and replace it with your own logo (drop it into the footer and add your client’s logo, too) and colors from our variety of themes.

  1. Use a transparent .GIF for best results; avoid .PNG files if possible.

  2. The size of the title logo shouldn’t exceed 600 x 270 pixels.

  3. The size of the footer logo shouldn’t exceed 200 x 60 pixels.

  4. Selections:

  •    Title page logo works well for the client.

  •    Footer logo works well for the agency.

  •    Or get creative as you see fit.  I used these images for the Lego report.


This is listed as the theme.  So far, we tried to give you a simple variety to range from “eclectic to executive.”

Edit to tighten your focus

Here’s more detail on hiding sections one-by-one or choosing a ready-made template that edits just the right sections depending on your audience.

  1. We’ve enabled a “hide” feature so you can remove a section from one version of the published report while keeping the data intact when you want to go back.

  2. The “hide sections” feature is reversible, and no one reading the final report will see any sign of that edit.

The “hide this section” option is available in the Option 1 approach mentioned at the start of this post.  In Option 2, you can choose automatic templates.

Then, modify your settings even further. You can limit the number of rows to show in some of the larger sections.

Maybe you’d like to show only the highlights to your clients.  Select a smaller count of rows to show using the drop down menu. It’s available in any of these categories:

  •   Keyword Groups with the most potential

  •   Biggest Gains

  •   MVK

  •   Newly Ranked Org Pages

  •   New KW you weren’t ranked on before

  •   Top Site Sections

  •   Biggest Op

  •   Keywords not ranked on but should be

  •   KW overlap

Adult Filter

You can shut out words and phrases the site ranks on that aren’t business appropriate.

  •    Available in the Settings editor

  •    Available in the Customize editor, content tab.

Make sure you publish your report to save the changes.

It takes just a minute or so to update the newly styled report to your personal report list.

And that’s it!  From here:

To here:

  •    Modify an existing report OR

  •    Run a new one you can edit when it’s finished.

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