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Intro to SpyFu
Intro to SpyFu’s Keyword Tools
Intro to SpyFu’s Keyword Tools
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SpyFu has a variety of tools to help with your keyword research. This video will give you a quick tour on how to improve your keyword research on both SEO and PPC.

Video Transcript:
Welcome to SpyFu, your new home if you are looking for keyword tools that will guide you to new ideas and profitable keywords.

Starting this adventure is easy, just type a keyword into the search box and we’ll give you back a ton of information about it. That’s it! SpyFu tracks millions of keywords from month to month and we have historical data going back to 2007.

Want to know how often a keyword is searched? How much it costs in PPC? Maybe you want to know how many domains are advertising on it. Orrrrr on a scale of one to 100, how difficult we think it would be for YOU to rank on this keyword.

We’ll show you all of that information and more. All of these tabs are different tools you can use to find, for example,

The most profitable keywords that are related to the one you typed in.

Or the history of people advertising on this keyword in adwords and how they’ve evolved their ads over time.

How about the history of all the domains that have ranked on it in SEO, and how each of them have moved up and down in the ranks.

You can see the what backlinks you should get in order for YOU to rank on this keyword.

If you have a long list of keywords, have SpyFu automatically group them for you

And finally get a detailed spread on how this keyword looks on the actual Search Engine Result Page.

Okay, that might be a lot of data to swallow, fortunately if you go back into the overview, we give you bite sized pieces of each of these tabs. If you find a piece of information particularly interesting simply click on the view all buttons at the bottom and we’ll lead you to the correct tab.

If you’re someone who likes to take their data on the go, you can export all of this. Either to an “easy on the eyes” customizable report, or a data driven CSV.

If you’re not a member of SpyFu, you can get a taste of this keyword goodness for absolutely free. If it seems valuable to you then sign up and feel the full power of SpyFu.

Now go forth and join the millions of people who have used SpyFu by entering your keyword into the search box!

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