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Create instant ready-to-send PDF reports
Create instant ready-to-send PDF reports

Everything you need to know about PDF reports

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Whether it’s because of time or talent or just not wanting to do it, not everyone ends up with a polished client presentation or a report from what they find during their research.

That’s where we wanted to help.

Run a search in SpyFu, and tear your eyes away from the findings for a second. Right there in the upper right corner above the results is how we’re making it easy for you to turn over a ready-to-email client report with just a click.

SpyFu lets you create PDF reports automatically from the page. That’s PDF, as in “ready to send via email or save for later.”  PDF, as in “easy for your client to review even if they’re on a Windows 10 PC and you created it with your Mac.”

Plus, since it comes directly from the SpyFu page, it keeps all of your visually-powerful graphs intact to help illustrate just how dramatically that domain edged up their overall rankings. Sometimes spreadsheet numbers alone just don’t do the story justice.

Control the message

Way back when we created Recon Files reports, we figured out early on that reporting to clients can be a cautious undertaking. We figured that the best approach would be to let you choose the sections you want to include in the PDF report and then create it from there.

Look for the checkboxes.

Pay no attention to that. Nothing to see there.

Those choices come in handy for leaving out irrelevant information, too. If an emerging SEO competitor is growing in clicks and the number of keywords it ranks for, that’s a bigger story than the ads that it buys. (Especially if you’re not bidding on anything via Google Ads.)

Since the export to PDF functionality is included across our overview pages and most of our specialty features, you can get very specific with what you export. At the same time, our domain overview does a great job of showing solid insights and “big picture” ideas throughout it, and some of those charts aren’t on other pages. Create the report from the domain overview and simply “uncheck” the sections you don’t need. We’ll roll up a more focused report that remains polished, not chopped up.

Where can I find this?

Look for the “export” button on the overview pages.


Create instant PDF summaries from these pages on SpyFu:

  • Domain Overview (Includes both PPC and SEO results)

  • SEO Overview

  • SEO Competitors

  • SEO Kombat

  • Keyword Groups (for domains and for keywords)

  • SEO Keywords

  • Ranking History (for domains and for keywords)

  • Backlinks (for domains and for keywords)

  • PPC Overview

  • PPC Competitors

  • PPC Kombat

  • PPC Keywords

  • Ad History (for domains and for keywords)

  • Keyword Overview

  • SERP Analysis

That’s nearly every tab that doesn’t already turn into a report (like Recon Files reports). You can easily put together client updates and personal benchmarking reports without juggling copy and paste tricks into a new doc.

Getting your PDF — Instant vs. Email

Many people find it’s easiest to view a PDF right there in their browser. When you log in with a premium SpyFu membership, you will get your PDF created on the spot. We’ll open it for you in a new tab, and you can send that link to anyone via email or a instant message. Without the premium access, you can still get your PDF via email to send as you’d like.

PDF Exports are ready to download and view right now in SpyFu. Get a premium membership to activate the “instant PDF” delivery in your browser.

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