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Understanding the PPC Overview Page
Understanding the PPC Overview Page
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Want to know what your top PPC competitors are up to? Here’s a quick tutorial going over the basics of SpyFu’s PPC Overview Page.  Dig into the history of a domain’s PPC marketing.  Learn from their mistakes and successes.

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Video Transcript

This is a quick 2 minute video covering the basics of SpyFu’s PPC Overview tab, so you can get spying on your PPC competitors right meow.


You get to the PPC Overview by simply by clicking on PPC Research, and then typing in the domain of one of your competitors.  Ideally someone you know is doing work in Adwords and regularly posting and updating their search ads.


Much like the other overview tabs we try and keep the most important PPC information at the top. Starting with these graphs that will show you how many paid keywords we’ve seen this domain buy, how many clicks their current ads are bringing in, and what we estimate their monthly budget to be.


If you want, you can check out a full history of any of these metrics, we’ve seen millions of domains buy millions of keywords sometimes going all the way back to 2007.


To the right, we show how these keywords overlap with their two biggest competitors.  You can click on one of the sections to get even more detail on these keyword overlaps in SpyFu Kombat.


Back in the overview we show you our top buy recommendations for this domain, as well as the keywords that they might be wasting money on.


A little further down are the domains that we identify as their top competitors on Adwords, and how all their campaigns have evolved over the last several years.  Including the amount of keywords, estimated clicks, and their estimated budget.


We’re going to give you even more detail about the performance of this domain’s keywords.  Which of their keywords are the most profitable for them and a variety of details about these keywords.  Just like in every other section and graph you can click on view more to see even more keywords that this domain is bidding on.


Finally, is the section where we actually show you the ads that this domain is running.  Click on any of these boxes and we’ll show you the date it was run, it’s position in the serp, and even the actual ad copy that they ran.  You can go back in time to see the what ads they ran in the past and how they’ve evolved their copy over time.  You can even highlight the ads you think might work for your campaign (and export them???)


If you’d like to take this data to go you can print this whole page off as a PDF


And those are the basics of the PPC overview, play around with it and feel free to watch our many other videos and read our blogs that go more in depth into each page how you can use them to your best advantage.  Thank you for watching

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