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Section guide: Newly Ranked Organic Pages
Section guide: Newly Ranked Organic Pages

Understand this section of the Recon Files custom client report

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What do you see here?

Circle this section, because it is perhaps the hallmark of the report. This compelling story of how much value you have generated for your client’s business becomes your foundation for future sales.

Your content creation, tireless fine tuning, and skilled optimization have paid off, but the results don’t stop at rankings.

These are new pages your client has never ranked on before, and the clicks and dollars these pages stir up are clearly spelled out in a dramatic value illustration that cries out for a repeat performance.


We shift to this page-perspective from the keyword-perspective that defined the beginning of the report. These are full pages from your site that you didn’t rank on last month.

Thanks to the SEO’s work, picked up approximately 3,000 new clicks a month from its Scrabble Blast page that didn’t exist before.


Newly Ranked Pages are listed in order of the value of clicks delivered. In other words, the top page in this section produces more value for your domain in its first organic ranking appearance than its fellow first-run pages do. See how the Scrabble Blast page brings in 3,000 new clicks spread over 5 different keywords? That’s an impressive performance, but even with 1,000 fewer clicks than that page, the poker page at the top of the list brings in over $1100 worth of additional value each month.

It’s possible that this Scrabble Blast page is new to the site, but that’s not the only path to getting here:

Pages can land in this section of our report if they had previously had a poor organic showing and hadn’t before ranked within the top 50 for any terms.

That’s important to remember if you are suddenly surprised by an upswing from an existing page. In fact, it’s an accomplishment to hang your hat on. Bringing up a weak page from the depths of obscurity is why your clients return to your expertise each month.

How do you present this?

Present not only the number of new pages that show up in Google search results, but appeal to your client’s bottom line appreciation. These new rankings brought in thousands of valuable clicks. This is why they lean on you. Turn to this summary for excellent examples of how your efforts are working twofold:

  • Lifting base keywords up into more productive areas that drive traffic, and

  • Creating new base keyword rankings.

Your best action:

Click through on the provided URL to see the new content that brought in this new value. Enjoy the big leap, then build on it.

Research what was done right. To be able to see the new pages you didn’t rank on before has a lot of value for measuring where you were and mapping where you are going.

It’s also important to understand what didn’t work. If you created content that has yet to appear here, dig into the details to understand why.

When you “View More”

The expanded details include additional new pages that you ranked on.

  • Spot modest gains beyond the top tier

  • Elaborate on the extent of your successes

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