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Manage your Default Recon Report Settings
Manage your Default Recon Report Settings

Description and explanation of how to access your Recon client reports

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The Recon report manager helps you update your favorite report preferences one time and have them apply to all future reports. Default settings, to take a line from Ron Popeil, let you set it and forget it.

Start by logging in to your Recon Files report manager (use “customize/manage all”) and you’ll see the link in the header. (shown here)

Even though there are 5 preference options available, you don’t have to lock in all of them (or any of them).

  • You can reset your preferences at any time by revisiting the section,

  • You can override them in a case-by-case scenario with any new report.

  • New default settings work going forward, so your past customized reports remain as you designed them.

Available Settings

Report Templates

Depending on whom you’re targeting, choose to hide sections that might not be relevant to them. Leave out keywords that detract from your presentation. That filter goes a long way to keep you in control of how your SEO results are perceived.

We considered scenarios you would return to the same settings again and again, and made easy-to-select templates for your convenience.

If you find yourself relying on the Progress template, choose it as a default setting so that every future report is tapered into a growth-focused presentation.

Report Design

From dapper greys of the Slate design to the playful quirkiness of the zest option, we brought your personalities into the Recon look. Lock in your favorite through this default setting, and we’ll return every report wrapped in that design (and your logo—see below) from the start.

NEW! Clean Design

Probably one of the most frequently heard requests for our Recon Files reports was to go easy on the printer. Or maybe plain white lets your logo stand out in your own style. Either way, the “Clean” design answers this popular suggestion

We still include any logos that you upload. Headers still have a subtle color, but the graphs are subdued and often just outlines.

White Labeling

Upload logos, and we’ll hold on to them for you, loading them into your report each time. It’s as simple as that.

You can set a default for title logo or footer logo without requiring both. Keep your title logo blank (in default settings) if you run reports for multiple clients.

Additional Email

This is a helpful setting to keep a partner or client* copied automatically on every report. It takes the off of your list of sending the updated Recon link each month.

*Important note regarding clients: When you have multiple clients, this setting isn’t ideal. However, you can still update a client automatically each month. Here’s how:

Find the report you’d like to update, and add the email in a quick “settings” update using the “manage” link in the My Reports listing

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