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Add custom keywords to the SpyFu database
Add custom keywords to the SpyFu database

Make our data more relevant to your work by adding to what we search each month.

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As a SpyFu subscriber, you can add your own keywords to SpyFu searches.

Why is this such a big deal? Maybe we’ve never had your brand name in our searches before, or your city name is an important part of keywords you want to rank on. Getting this specific helps you guard against other advertisers on your branded keywords.

It’s also a way to add any domains that we do not have in our database due to very niched keywords. Think of it like this.  We collect data on domains that appear as top 50 organic results or top 23 (first 2 pages of Google’s ads) paid results.  When your domain ranks on very specific keywords that we search for the first time, it gets added to our database.

There are instructions in this article. You can also watch a video on adding keywords to our database.

Learn from the keywords that we already search AND supplement them with your own long tail phrases, branded keywords, industry keywords, or even common misspellings that you run into all the time.

How to Add Keywords

Login to SpyFu with your subscriber details and choose “My Account” in the upper right corner of the main page.  Look for the “Request New keywords” button to get started.

You can add up to 1000 keywords each month.  We will start collecting data on those additions the following month.

These new keywords are shared, so as we expand our results with new keyword ideas, you can rake in the insights from those month after month, too.

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