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Get negative match keywords ideas from Google Ads Advisor
Get negative match keywords ideas from Google Ads Advisor

SpyFew – Episode 2: Finding Negative Match Keywords

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Stop wasting money on bad keywords.  Eliminate negative keywords that are draining money from your campaigns. SpyFu can help you find the wasteful keywords that you should negative match out of your campaigns.

Video Transcript:

SpyFu is known for telling you what keywords you should target to write content on and build ads around.


But we also tell you which keywords suck.

And this might be even more valuable to you.




Google loves spending your money on broad matched terms that you don’t even want.  

And sometimes even if they’re keywords you THINK you want, we know if your biggest competitors are steering away from them.


Negative matching keywords out of your Google Ads campaigns can save you oodles of money every month.  


But finding these little buggers can be almost impossible to do on your own, even by scouring your Google Ads account.


The two best ways of finding these keywords is through Google Ads Advisor, and SpyFu Kombat.


The Google Ads advisor will just straight tell you what keywords you should stop spending money on.  The report has even shown us keywords in our own campaigns that we didn't mean to buy.  Which made us equally annoyed at our campaign, but really happy about the Google Ads advisor.


When you enter your domain and two biggest competitors Into SpyFu Kombat you usually focus on the overlaps.  But the section that we tend to forget is right here, the keywords you’re buying but your competitors don't.  A lot of these are probably going to variations of your brand name, but some of these keywords might be hindering your campaign. 


Some of them might have nothing to do with your site.  Negative match them out.

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