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Don't miss these helpful links in the footer
Don't miss these helpful links in the footer

SpyFew – Episode 4: The Footer

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Written by Patrick McGrane
Updated over a week ago

We hide a lot of cool stuff in the SpyFu footer, from our API to discounts on other e-commerce marketing sites. Scroll to the bottom of a page to find and explore the hidden bonuses in SpyFu!

If you don't feel like scrolling all the way down, feel free to click here for our Member Perks, or check out our APIs, or even see if you'd be a good fit for our team!

Video Transcript:


Hi, this is Patrick from and this is SpyFew!


Today’s video is talking about the footer


Honestly we put some cool stuff in the footer, that no-one notices because… well, it’s the footer.  Who looks at a footer?

The first thing is when we last updated our data.  We do our absolute best to get new data as early in the month as possible, with still having it be top quality.  So if you’re someone who only checks us once a month and you want to know if the new data is out or not, there you go!

We have your standard stuff like contact us, and the SpyFu store

Where I got this cool t-shirt because someone told me it would make my eyes pop (*sparkles*)

But here’s something special for you current members, our Member perks.  These are huge discounts on subscriptions to other internet marketing sites.  Simply login with your SpyFu membership, click on get the deal, and you’ll unlock the promotion!

The consulting link leads you to Internet Marketing Ninjas, they’ll help you set up and manage your SEO campaigns.  We don’t do consulting here, but we do highly recommend these guys, we even use their coffee mugs here.

We’re pretty much always looking for talented people to join our team so we post our job openings right here.  If one of these look like they fit you, feel free to apply, this is a pretty awesome place to work… as you can tell by my silly hat.  And this 10 second montage.

Finally, you might have not even known that SpyFu has an API.  In which case you’ll be surprised to hear that we actually have three!  If you need to make thousands or even millions of queries on our site, let the APIs do the work for you.  This page will give you the details on what tapping into our APIs can do for your site.

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