Weekly Keyword Group Tracking

SpyFew – Episode 5: Weekly Keyword Group Tracking

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See how your organic and ad groups of keywords are performing as a whole, on a weekly basis.

Video Transcript:

Some of our members might be noticing something a bit different lately.

New weekly keyword group tracking in MySpyFu!


A lot of people already know and love the weekly tracking that we provide in MySpyFu for the different keywords in your group.  But NOW we’ve made it so you can get a rollup of how those keywords are performing as a whole.  

Just open up the My SpyFu slider, open up one of your campaigns, and click on groups.  Press on these down arrows to get can get a quick view of these rollups.  If you click through you’ll get an even more detailed version for both your SEO and PPC performance.

This also lets you know at a glance, which keywords are gaining SEO traction, and which ones are getting impressions on PPC. 

And if you’re ranks are moving up on the SEO end, maybe it’s time to cut back PPC spend on that group.  If your average ad positions move up, and your ranks tank, maybe it’s time to focus more on adwords for that group.

I don’t know you guys are the pros, I just make videos all day… it’s awesome.

In true SpyFu fashion we let you export this data to a PDF, to either show to your team, a client, or hang on the refrigerator.  

What’s more, is you don’t have to do squat.  It’s already in there and will work with your existing campaigns.  For brand new groups, it might take some time to gather the data you want, but give it a couple of weeks and you’ll see how you’re groups are trending.

This is a feature you guys asked for, so we really hope you like it.  If there’s anything else you think could be useful in the MySpyFu project manager, let us know in the comments!

All of this exciting news has made me a bit hungry.

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