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Instant advice for your PPC campaign
Instant advice for your PPC campaign

SpyFew – Episode 8: Interactive Google Ads Advisor

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The Interactive Google Ads Advisor is a powerful, valuable keyword tool for anyone working with Google Ads.

Type your domain into SpyFu, we tell you the keywords that are most likely to make you money. It's that easy. Days of work reduced to a few seconds, press play to see it in action.

First, here's an intro:

And here's a look at how to use the report for different outcomes: (Episode 13: Google Ads Advisor Reports)

Note: Videos show "AdWords" Advisor to reflect the original name of the product. We have updated the title since then, and we continue to keep the data in the report current.

Video Transcript:


We’ve just condensed everything that we know about profitable keywords and ad buying into one single tool.

Where you type in your domain, we tell you what keywords to buy, 

it’s the most powerful thing we’ve ever built 

And it’s a

♫ PPC Dream Come Trueeeeeeee ♫




Introducing the Interactive Google Ads Advisor.  Just go to the Google Ads Advisor tab underneath PPC research, and type in your domain.

These are the keywords you should buy.  Just like that.

Days of research time have been officially reduced to a few seconds.  You can filter this list, and export it with all of the keyword details and your potential impressions and clicks.


How does this work?  And why are we so pumped about it.

*behind the scenes!*


We sift through the history of your top 5 competitors, what keywords they bought, are still buying, and the ones they’ve given up on.  From this research we find the most consistent keyword overlaps in their ad buying patterns. We make sure that you aren’t already buying these keywords and then check the potential clicks and profits that you could make if you did.  

All of this processing only takes a second, and then produces a list of keywords that we feel you should buy, and some you might consider.

This comes from  our base philosophy of ad buying: your competitors will waste money in Google Ads.  Everyone does at some point.  But they won’t waste a lot of money over a long period of time.  So if multiple competitors are consistently spending decent money the SAME keywords, those keywords are probably a solid bet for your domain.

You’ve probably done this manually with spreadsheets or even with SpyFu tools like Kombat.  We simply took all of those manual steps of comparing overlapping keywords, automated it, and put buy recommendations on it.


If the keyword results you get back don’t seem quite right, you can change the competitors which will give you a new list of suggestions based on their successes.  You can even forgo competitors domains all together and just enter in a list of keywords you’d like the results to focus on.  

SpyFu members have infinite exports at no extra charge.

AND these keywords can be added to your MySpyFu project manager, in case you want to keep an eye on their weekly performance.

We’ve also included the Google Ads Advisor on the overview pages, so you can see our recommendations when you’re doing your general research.


From our perspective this feels like 14 plus years of ppc research and development finally reaching it’s ideal pinnacle, in terms of simplicity and actionability.


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