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SpyFu vs. its Competitors

SpyFew – Episode 9: What Makes SpyFu Different

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Doing some marketing competition analysis?  Wondering what makes SpyFu different from its top competitors?  This video will give you the rundown on the top differences of SpyFu vs. similar sites.

Video Transcript:

We frequently get asked what makes SpyFu different than other websites.  


Beyond the fact that we’re the original competitive intelligence platform, and the ONLY one to fully produce a christmas musical (other options would be segway jousting or ping pong championships).  There’s so much more.


Google isn’t allowed to tell you the details of what your competitors are doing, and which keywords they rely on over others.  Which is why SpyFu and other sites gather that data for you.  

There’s a lot of things that set SpyFu apart, but let’s focus on the big 3.


  1. Unlimited searches, exports, and reports.  When you pay for a SpyFu membership we feel like we shouldn’t limit your searches or exports, you paid for data, you’re gonna get data.  A lot of other sites will cap the amount of exporting you can do, which makes sense, the data is valuable.  Which is exactly why we let you export as much as you want for no additional charge.  You want to pump out 100 csvs and pdfs of these keyword results??  Do you want to do it every day until the world ends? Go for it!


  1. Historical Data. SpyFu has been collecting data since 2007, and after doing this every month, we’ve amassed a treasure trove that you can tap into.  Often we can see the first ad a company ever wrote (use groupon or blue apron as an example), and how they’ve evolved their campaigns to be successful today!  Or you can just look at their most recent content and ads if you simply want to see the current trends.

  2. Adding keywords to our database.  Getting your brand name and other obscure keywords that deal with your niche is important to get in our database on day one.  Often times this isn’t a dozen keywords, but hundreds or thousands of new keywords and variations.  We allow all of our members to add 10,000 new keywords every day for no extra charge


We also make an effort to stay connected with you guys.  Our customer service is in house, and we talk about your feedback daily.  We even make cancelling easy because we all hate being nickel and dimed, why would we do that to you?


That’s the basic stuff.  But the real difference is our SICK BEATS!!!

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