How to Set it Up

You create the alerts inside of My SpyFu, but the section inside “Account Details” gives you control over who gets an email every time we update the groups’ rankings. You can also turn them off for as long as you’d like, or just turn off the notifications for one person at a time.

Create an Alert

1. Open My SpyFu

Choose one of your projects inside of the project manager that’s built into SpyFu. (It’s the sliding bar on the right side.)

If you don’t have any projects set up yet, you can create one and start tracking any keyword groups that you add to it. 

2. Go to the Groups section

Click the title in the navigation panel.

This will open a summary of each group, with all summaries listed on the page.

3. Click the Export to PDF Button

4. Check the “Send via email” checkbox

Instead of an on-page PDF, you will get this keyword group’s performance summary delivered to your inbox. Make sure to include at least one email address.

5. Click “Generate PDF”

Be sure that the “Send weekly updates” option is checked. (It should be by default.)

Now that you’ve set up your alert, you can make any changes to it inside your “My Account” settings.

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