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Set up e-mail alerts for your weekly keyword rankings
Set up e-mail alerts for your weekly keyword rankings

SpyFew – Episode 11: SpyFu Alerts

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Here's how to set up e-mail alerts for your weekly keyword rankings.

Also, this link to the MySpyFu Tutorial Playlist will teach you how to set up campaigns, outreach, and keyword groups in your own personal SpyFu projects.

Video Transcript:

This video is going to explain the SpyFu alert system, and how it works right now.  


I say, “right now” because in this video we’re also shamelessly going to ask for your help




SpyFu has e-mail alerts for weekly tracking!  It’s a new feature and we don’t blame you if you missed it.


To get these weekly alerts going simply go into your MySpyFu projects.  If you aren’t sure what a MySpyFu project is, I’ll add a link to that video right here.  Feel free to watch it, and then come back to this one.


Once you’re in a project, click on your groups section, and then export to PDF.  Up pops a box that asks if you’d like it e-mailed to you, check that box, and enter any e-mails you’d like these weekly group updates to be e-mailed to.  


See the box that asks if you’d like these e-mailed to you every week?  That’s the one, the checkbox that this video is all about. 


(heavenly) **cheeeeckkkk boxxxxxx!!**


By clicking it we’ll send you a weekly e-mail giving you an update on how your keyword groups are moving up and down in the ranks.


And you can use this for multiple projects!  Meaning every week, you can check your e-mail and just cherry pick which campaigns you’d like to adjust.  Have there big huge gains, or major flops?  It’s time to check those specific campaigns out and see what’s happening.  


You can also manage these e-mails!  Go back to the main SpyFu site, click on your account settings and open up the “Manage Alerts” section.  Here you can edit the recipients, activate or deactivate the e-mail, or just delete it outright.


Okay.  We know all of this isn’t ideal.  Sometimes we roll out hidden features like this just to see if you guys are interested in it at all, and boy howdy this one is getting more positive usage and feedback than we expected


We made this video because we noticed more and more of you our using these alerts, and wanted let the rest of you to know that they exist!




We’re brainstorming more places that we can put alerts, and would love to know what you would like to see!  Is there something in your projects that you’d love to be reminded about weekly or even daily?  Does the e-mail work for you, or would you rather have a notification icon on SpyFu itself when you’re data is ready?


We’ll keep brainstorming new uses, and better ways for you to manage your alerts.  But hearing from you guys always points us in a good direction.  


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