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Track your keyword rankings
Track your keyword rankings

Two ways to get automatic rank updates on your keywords

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Option 1: Add keywords to MySpyFu, and get automatic rankings: this premium feature gives you weekly ranking updates for SEO and PPC–with details from Google and Bing.

Option 2: Try the Add my Own Keywords feature: submit keywords we might have missed, and track them every month going forward on the SpyFu page.

Here's how to do each option.

Details: Get automatic rankings via MySpyFu

1. Use the slider bar on the right side of the page to access MySpyFu.


2.  Create a new project (shown above).  Start with your own domain, and we’ll update you each week on how that domain ranks on these keywords.

3. Import keywords into that project. You have two ways you can do this:

(A) In step 2, when you create a project for a domain, there is a step that lets you automatically add groups of keywords that we think you’ll consider worth tracking. You can also paste in keywords on your own.

(B) The other way is built in throughout the SpyFu site. There are “add” and “add multiple” buttons on pages where we show you lists of keywords (like PPC keywords for a domain). You can click this button, and we will add those keywords to the most recently opened project inside of MySpyFu.


Note: You will see the first list of search engine rankings right away (usually in a matter of an hour or so). As long as you have that keyword inside of a MySpyFu project, we will update the live ranking results every Sunday after that.

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