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Understand SpyFu’s Reports and Exports
Understand SpyFu’s Reports and Exports
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Learn where to find, and how to use SpyFu’s different SEO, Keyword, and AdWords reports.

You like data?  We got data.
You like charts?  We got the charts.
You like Sushi?  So do I.


Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Patrick from In this video I’m going to talk about how you can download SpyFu’s data and take it offline. To better capture clients, create presentations, and to mold our data into what you need for your unique campaign.

We created a variety of reports and exportable files to fit every person. Whether you’re wanting to onboard a new client, get in depth ppc reviews, pour over thousands of rows of data, or just realllllly like pie graphs. soooo delicioussss. We have something for everyone.

From a client’s perspective it will seem like you put in a ton of work into researching different campaigns when it’s really just a couple clicks away.

Before we dig in, let’s talk about the very basics of our 2 reports.

One is our standard PDF reports that you can customize and print on almost every page. It’s like a limitless snack plate that you can pick and choose from, to best serve your needs.

The other is our Recon reports which is more like a 5 course meal. It does hours of research for you, and compiles it into a full analysis of your site or your competitor’s sites. Every SpyFu member has basic access to Recon, but it’s not limitless like the PDF exporting is.

I’ll go more into the different Recon reports a bit later in the video, but I wanted to let you guys know the basic differences between the two straight away.

The fact that you can go to almost every tab on our site, get a ton of tasty information, and take it to go; really sets SpyFu apart from everyone else. If a button says export to csv or a PDF, you can click on that and export all day. It’s an all you can eat buffet of data and charts.

Now I’ve just made myself hungry.

Does anyone want to get Chinese food??

Just like all of the data in SpyFu, the information presented in these exports are taken directly from Google. Information like cost per click, how many domains are advertising, even the exact URLs that are ranking on a keyword.

For some metrics like, monthly budget, we have to make some estimations. But all of those estimates are based directly off of Google’s keyword planner.

Unfortunately, as you may know, the keyword planner’s data isn’t always 100% accurate. So even though SpyFu plugs straight into the source, sometimes the data Google gives us is simply incorrect. But we do our best to adjust these numbers to the actual trends we’re seeing on the SERP, both on the site and in the exports.

Data heavy sites like SpyFu will often make you pay extra for exports like this. Like greedy dragons protecting data treasure.

But we know how valuable this info can be when you take it offline. You can use it to fill up an adwords campaign, or to present it to a higher up, even to delegate a task to another employee who doesn’t have a SpyFu account.

You can keep this for your own research and analysis, but we also have formated many of these reports to look good when being presented to a client. Even going so far as to let our professional members take the SpyFu logo off of the PDFs and present it as if you did all of this in depth research and preperation manually.

With the data-focused CSV exports you can use, manipulate, and analyze the data any way you want.

Want to know the best keywords to start a PPC campaign with? Simply export the core starting keywords of a competitor in SpyFu Kombat and copy and paste those keywords into your adwords account.

How about all of the inbound links that you should be trying to get in order to rank on the keyword “Phoenix Chinese Food”? We have you covered.

You can even export an entire hierarchy of keywords, placing them into groups that better reflect how you actually work with keywords in your AdWords campaigns.

These groups can also help you compartmentalize ideas for SEO content focusing on specific targeted groups of keywords.

That’s just scratching the surface. On almost every tab where you see grids of keywords and numbers, you can export the information to be analyzed at a later date.

Personally, I’m not a data guy. You could say that I don’t excel at it.

I’m more of a visual learner, the charts that SpyFu provides paint a larger picture of how a domain is performing and how it has evolved.

I’m also a bit of a showman.

And when a website helps me out with a presentation it really means a lot to me. That’s where the PDF exporter can really come in handy.

Whether you print these reports for personal use or to wow a client of yours, we created these to be quick and customizable to your needs.

On pretty much every tab in SpyFu you’ll see the option to export a PDF, once you click on it you can change it to be portrait or landscape, you can choose the sections you want to include, and for professional members you can even remove the SpyFu logo.

To a client it looks like you did days or weeks of research and preparation, when it really took minutes.

A lot of people don’t realize that if you adjust the settings on the site itself, for example changing the date range, the labels, or even filtering, that these adjustments will persist in the PDF that you export.

This makes your reporting insanely customized, with a limitless supply of data and options, and the added bonus of being downright sexy.

Our PDF reporting is what a lot of sites consider Reports, but SpyFu has an entirely different set of reports that we call Recon.

SpyFu Recon essentially takes all of the research that you might do in SpyFu and condenses it into actionable reports.

The premise behind these reports is to take a domain, either yours or a competitors, and pit it up against their 5 biggest competitors. You can use SpyFu’s suggestions on who the competitors are, or you can enter the domains of your choosing.

You can also simply enter in a list of keywords that you would like analysis on, in relation to this domain.

All of the reports do the gritty research for you. It’s like having a personal assistant that takes all of SpyFu’s substantial data and crunches it into a report that’s easy to understand or present to a client. You can customize these reports in different styles and even add your own logo.

Our members can run at least a few custom reports each month with options available for those who are cranking these reports out and need some more.

The first report is called the Adwords Advisor report. Which analyzes a domain’s PPC campaign and gives recommendation on what keywords you should be buying, and even suggestions on what actual ad copy is working for other domains in your space.

We tell you who’s advertising on certain keywords and give you a recommendation on how strong of a bet we feel like it is for you.

On average it only takes an hour or so to crunch the numbers and it’s fantastic for anyone that wants to get professional advice on what direction they should be steering they PPC campaign.

There are two SEO reports, one which we call the Domain Dashboard, and the other is the keyword ranking report.

The Domain Dashboard gives the overall analysis of how a domain is performing in SEO, but it’s always in a positive light. This is great if you’re trying to onboard a client, or if you have to give a monthly report on how your SEO services are performing.

This report was designed to make you look like a rock star, but it also reveals how your competitors are moving into your space so your client will want more of your services.

The other SEO report is much more actionable. Enter in a list of keywords and we’ll report back your performance on those keywords including their general performance this last month, the ones with the biggest gains, and which competitors are ranking on similar keywords.

It’s a similar set of data to the domain dashboard, but instead of using it to woo a potential client, it will help guide your SEO campaign. Much like the Adwords Advisor can guide your PPC spend.

There’s a lot that you can do with SpyFu when you’re online. But sometimes you need to unplug. Of course whenever I log off of SpyFu I can’t help but miss the good times that we had together, fortunately with endless reports that I can take with me wherever I go, I know that my site is in good hands. My own.

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