Since we collect PPC advertisers on millions of terms, it takes just one click to find the domains that compete with you on one keyword, or those that give you the biggest competition across most of your keyword list.

Details: start with the SpyFu main page

1.       Enter a competitor’s domain into the search bar on the main page.

2.       On the results page, scroll down the page to find the “Top Paid Competitors.” Click “view all competitors” to open the domain list in an interactive, in-browser grid. You can also view your top organic SEO competitors on the left.

3. View Results

How we Determine Competitors

When you search a domain, we look at the keywords they buy and find similar domains that are buying many of the same keywords.

For example, and both advertise on keywords centered around personalized photo prints and gifts.


We also make sure that these similar keywords are a big portion of their keyword list.

Let's say that the user searched Bombas, a sock company. If we looked for other domains that have hundreds of sock-related paid keywords, we'd top the list with Amazon and Walmart. Those businesses do advertise on socks, but when it comes to presenting competitors, the goal is to show you the most relevant online competitors.

Because of that portion-of-their-full-list rule, a user is more likely to see with competitors like and All 3 of those are primarily sock companies.

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