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What’s the Difference Between the Two SEO Recon Files Reports?
What’s the Difference Between the Two SEO Recon Files Reports?

They look similar but serve different purposes

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SpyFu Recon Files SEO reports give you two ways to uncover a domain's most enticing opportunities and reveal just how big a role SEO plays in delivering value.  The aim of both the Domain Dashboard and the SEO Rank Reports is to get you more SEO business.  Which one you choose depends on your goals.

Video Transcript:

With all of the feedback from SEOs about the SpyFu Recon Dashboard Report, we decided it was time to flex our reporting muscle and see what new SEO lands we could help you conquer.

That's why we're happy to announce the new SpyFu Recon SEO Keyword Ranking Report.

Don't worry.

Our Domain Dashboard isn't going anywhere.

This is a whole new report.

So now you have options.

But with two reports to decide from, you might be wondering which one is best for you.

Well, let's start with what makes this report different.

Basically, the Keyword Ranking Report is created with the personal keywords that you-- yes, you-- would like to track.

You can copy and paste your keywords straight into this report from an Excel spreadsheet or from SpyFu's Keyword Groupie.

These keywords will then be used month to month to develop a progress report that is unique to you.

The new Keyword Ranking Report is laid out in basically the exact same way that the Domain Dashboard is.

It has the same three sections that highlight the value of your SEO work, the opportunity that additional SEO work could provide, and what the competition is up to in your field.

In each of these sections, there are subsections that get into the nitty-gritty of the campaign.

SpyFu has a video series that explains each of the subsections at length.

And there will be links to them at the end of this video.

So in short, the Domain Dashboard will give you the overall view of a domain's campaign month to month.

When you talk to a client, you can show them how their domain's keywords are moving as a whole, reveal to them their strongest keywords and where big opportunities are hiding.

The Keyword Ranking Report is more fine-tuned, a targeted report that only focuses on your select keywords, the portions of your campaign that you think are the most important.

So when you talk to your client, you can lead the conversation in the direction you think is best to execute on.

For example, if you want to make a Keyword Ranking Report based off just the client's products alone, you could do that.

Or possibly the domain's highest converting keywords-- that works, too.

Maybe you want to enter the keywords that are in your current PPC campaign, revealing the overlaps in your SEO campaign, expanding your SEO opportunities.

Now, with the Keyword Ranking Report, you can do all of that and more.

Using your keywords to fuel a report gives you the opportunity to zero in on what your client is really interested in.

This makes them happier, increases their attention, and makes them want more of your services.

So, which one should you take.

It's simple.

If you're an SEO who has a set or several sets of keywords that you really want to focus on, the Keyword Ranking Report is the one for you.

If you're an SEO that wants to see the overall picture or approach a potential client with the opportunities of a new SEO campaign, the Domain Dashboard is what you're looking for.

Of course, there are a lot of SEOs who are running dynamic campaigns or multiple campaigns, in which case, purchasing both reports is the best option, because even though they're separate reports with different functions, they're designed to complement each other.

For example, you can create a Dashboard Report and present it to your client.

If they seem particularly excited about the keywords in a certain area, then you can generate a Keyword Ranking Report focused around that.

So if their mind is blown about the PPC Keywords You Already Rank On section in the Domain Dashboard, then use just those keywords in the Keyword Ranking Report to keep that client happy and engaged in the months to come.

Overall SEO footprint, focused SEO awesomeness.

Those two traits are reflected throughout every aspect of these reports.

Now, go forth with confidence.

Lead the conversation.

And impress your clients with SEO reports that do the selling for you.

Oh wait.

I almost forgot.

If you want even more info about the individual sections of these reports, then take a look at our video series that covers each page in detail.

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