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Section Guide: Most Valuable Keywords
Section Guide: Most Valuable Keywords

How to use different sections of the Recon report to your advantage

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Most Valuable Keywords

Where the previous graph collected together your biggest movers, this graph lists your top keywords that consistently produce high-value clicks, month after month.

Let’s see what you can learn here from your domain reports. Getting into this category combines the results of these 3 elements:

  1. Your domain’s high ranking on this keyword, getting you a big share of its clicks

  2. High clicks per day on this keyword

  3. High value on this keyword, similar to its PPC value

These are the positions you want to defend and strengthen. No doubt you have been monitoring them closely as an ongoing practice, so we are integrating their performance into this report.

How do you present this?

You clearly have built strong content architecture that continues to be relevant and of high enough quality to rank so high, so consistently. Angle your presentation to remind your client why the competitive quality of these keywords makes your results on them so important.

Your best action:

There are two key actions here.

1.  Strengthen and grow this core keyword set.

Build content in concentric circles outward from these core keywords. This essentially fortifies your authority and presence within your proven core, and this new content gets a leg up when it borrows trust juice from the existing strong keywords/pages.


2. Protect your values!

Even though these shine for you now, don’t let them slip away from you next month. To produce so much value, these have to be competitive keywords. Pay attention to the clicks per month stat that we list just below the keyword and right next to the rank. And backwards sliding should keep you on your toes for boosting content and/or quality on these areas that do such heavy lifting for you.

When you “View More”

The report jumps to an expanded section with these details:



  • Expanded to include additional keywords.

  • Spot modest gains beyond the top tier

  • Elaborate on the extent of your successes


Color coded keywords steer the presentation:

Green keywords

  • Indicate a recent lift in either rank, clicks, or value

  • Supports your pitch of how much value you create.

Red keywords

  • Indicate a recent drop in either rank, clicks, or value

  • Act as guides for where you can direct your attention to protect value

  • Reconsider what a caused a drop in value.

Total clicks graphed per month

  • Helps you sell the effect of your work over time

  • Allows you to focus on a point in time where you adjusted your efforts

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