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Section Guide: Biggest Gains in ROI
Section Guide: Biggest Gains in ROI

How to use different sections of the Recon report to your advantage

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Biggest gains:

What do you see here?

The spotlight shines on your most improved keywords. Ranked by the number of new clicks they brought in, these keywords saw the most improvement over last month. 

If you are hoping to see the payoffs from your most recent blood, sweat and superstitions over the last algorithm changes, this is it. Watch for commentary that summarizes the value you gained from these big jumps. The numbers to the right show current rank and the number of spots (parentheses) they had to jump to get there.

You can find the details in the expanded section (when you click “view more.”)


How do you present this?

While jumping 3 notches to the top spot is an attractive bragging point, concentrate specifically on how those jumps translate into so much more traffic getting to the site.

Train your clients to see rank increases as more clicks. Reminding them that you delivered 409,000 more clicks is a strong testament to getting repeat business. Remember, these are clicks they didn’t have to rely on PPC to gain.

The list expands (view more) later in the report, so this tight focus allows you to funnel the attention to every specific achievement. Keep in mind that keyword gains can come from two places:

  • Your domain’s rank on the keyword, and

  • The number of clicks the keyword itself gets per day.

Any combination of the two is worth knowing, and improvement in your rank is certainly worth highlighting.


Your best action:

Determine how you made those gains and emulate that action or discipline.

Using the URL provided, you can review the changes you made on that page.


When you “View More”

See which additional details help you promote and extend the value that you created.

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