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SEO Dashboard Guide Part 3: New Keyword Rankings
SEO Dashboard Guide Part 3: New Keyword Rankings

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This part of the SEO Dashboard report shows your latest signs of new-growth with your most recently-ranked keywords. Next, discover how viewing your site's traffic and performance section by section helps you improve all around. 

Video Transcript:

Wow, look at you.
You're almost halfway through your recon journey.
Let's take a look at your fresh skills by taking a glimpse at the new keywords that you weren't ranked on before section.
This section, you may have already guessed, lists keywords that you weren't even ranked on last month.
This information really highlights your SEO prowess, showing how you were able to move certain keywords from nowhere in the first five pages of search results, into a spot where people can actually find and click on them.
To your client, this is nothing short of pure alchemy.
Through your magical efforts, they now appear in places they didn't even show up before.
You're not just improving efficiency, no, no, no.
This section clearly illustrates that you're actually expanding the reach of their empire.
Let's take a look at one of these keywords.
Droid-- that's a versatile keyword, not to mention totally awesome.
It looks like you moved it out from the top 50 to the 24th spot, gaining you 2, 00 new clicks a month.
Considering it's valued at $0.28 per click, that's approximately $560 in value that you are creating for your client per month on that one keyword.
This also shows that this keyword has 550, 00 searches per month.
So as you move this keyword up in ranks it can become highly profitable to your clients.
That's just one keyword.
But you might want to hit your clients with the whole shebang right away.
That's why right at the top of the page, SpyFu included a simple synopsis which tells your client what you've earned for them across the board-- 2, 00 keywords, 23, 00 clicks, and an estimated $8, 00 a month, which may lead to as many as one million clicks per month if they were in position number one.
If your client wants more detail, you can click on the View More link.
Here it shows the actual words and the page that ranks.
The right half of this page shows most successful sections of your site.
SpyFu digs into the page itself, finding new subdomains, as well as your specific parts and pages to see how valuable each of them are.
These are the pages branching off your domain that are gaining you lots of clicks.
And depending on how a site's URLs are structured, this may be the most important section of them all.
For instance, understanding if your blog pulls in more traffic than your FAQ page is a useful discovery from this section.
Regardless of the breakdown, this might be a good time to ask yourself, why are these so successful.
And more importantly, how can I continue to bank on this success.
In this example, the top three site sections, which are listed here, here, and here, draw 88% of all your organic visitors.
By their powers combined, they're earning 173 clicks per month, which is up by 17, 00, or nearly 11% since last month.
Let's take a closer look at one of these sections.
Here is the site section domain.
Here are the number of keywords that are gaining its hits.
And here are the value of those clicks and how they've improved since last month.
Also, in true SpyFu fashion, there's an easy to read chart right here that shows how many clicks per month you've been gaining, and how that has compared to the previous five months.
Click on the View More link if you would like to see the top keywords that are leading people to this section.
So there you have it, top sections and fresh keywords ready for cultivating, growing, and building your base of SEO keywords to someday give you the most optimized campaign in SEO history.

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