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Section Guide: Ranking for new keywords
Section Guide: Ranking for new keywords

Learn about the section "New Keywords you weren’t ranked on before"

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What do you see here?

Your content—new or improved—has bumped you into the Top 50 results for these new keywords.  We provide reference points so you are up to speed on the value these new placements offer:

  • Searches per month: the audience available for this keyword

  • Value/click: Depending on how competitive this keyword is on the PPC side, how much would you be paying to appear on this term in Google Adwords?

It measures your efforts, justifies your work, and reinforces what you did to get there.

We don’t want to skew existing keyword measurements, so these will not show up in the biggest gains category.

How do you present this?

This incremental growth is the direct payoff of your efforts. All of these new keywords bring more than 400,000 clicks that there was no chance of getting last month. Ranking on a keyword for the first time brings a lot to the table.

When you present this, banish modesty from the table. This is evidence of you as an asset—brand new keywords they never ranked on before and never would have without your skill. From a value standpoint, present just how many more clicks you brought in and how valuable they are.

Your best action:

Elevate these new keywords into high-performers.  Review these value-boosters to see if they need to become areas of tighter focus getting more articles and tweaking.

Next, understand what drove your ranking on these keywords. Take special note to consider what could have had this impact:

  • New content

  • Page optimization

  • Updated site architecture

  • New links

Use our findings to trigger some Sherlock Holmes digging on what you’re executing on most effectively to make this happen.

And something else to consider for clients ready to leap ahead – turn to new partners you had not before considered before showing strong presence on these terms.

Choose the “view more” option for a better idea of actions you can take with the expanded details we provide:


Expanded details include:

  • Additional number of keyword entries

  • The URL of the page that earned the new ranking

  • Being able to return to the page helps remind you of the changes or new content that triggered a ranking.

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