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Section Guide: Top performing parts of the site
Section Guide: Top performing parts of the site

How to use different sections of the Recon report to your advantage

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Top Site Sections

What do you see here?

It’s helpful to see your site in sections, understanding which subdomains, paths, or pages are pulling more organic weight than the others. The sections are created by any distinct URLs or subdomains of the site, and we list the sections in order of how many high-value clicks they deliver.

The graph to the right of each section represents the total clicks per month that section was able to produce. This is helpful in measuring the areas against each other in terms of seasonal peaks or shifts in focus.

The top two sections “game” and “poker” showed strong surges from August to September. “” followed an increase but without such dramatic gains. It is notable, then, to track the downshift during this same time in “browse-games.” This could have been a deliberate decision to move away from a category based on keywords that are losing in popularity.

How do you present this?

This can become a reliable way of singling out a sections’ overall value per keyword. You end up looking at the role of every section in relation to the whole:

  • Is our blog driving measurable organic traffic?

  • How have our product forums increased our traffic better than our FAQ?

  • Would we have success if we focus more on our tutorials?

Look at how ranks on 526 keywords to the 304 keywords of However, the poker section creates far more clicks—and 3 time as much value—with fewer keywords.

This angle supports your call for more business in focusing your efforts in one section over another. It helps you prioritize your work and defend this part of budget if tradeoffs are in demand.

Your best action:

This is a two-part balancing act. First, answer questions about strategy. What are we doing better in vs. Any sponsors in this section of the site should be our highest paying advertisers compared to others.

Second, consider trends that have an effect outside of your strategy:

What are the differences in general beyond how we promote them? Is there a difference in the on-page optimization? Is one section more “link-able” than the other?

Click through to view more details about top keywords in each section:

Expanded details include:

  • Top keywords for the section

  • Understand your high-performing keywords as they relate to others in the section.

  • Gives suggestions for internal links from strong sections to another.

  • Expanded number of site sections shown

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