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SEO Dashboard Guide Part 4: Keyword Groups
SEO Dashboard Guide Part 4: Keyword Groups

Helpful tutorials for the custom client reports

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We continue on a tour of the SEO Dashboard, seeing things from a value-presenting perspective. Look at Keyword Groups and how they can play a big part in improving your client relationship.

Video Transcript:

We see you over there, basking in the glory of your work.
You love the previous sections, the ones that finally show the world your skills in pretty little charts and swashbuckling synopses.
But none of them compare to this, not even close.
This is the elite section that no one else has even considered to create because it was impossible, until now.
So before you hang up your hammock and order another mai tai, take a few moments to understand the absolute cool of recon-- keyword groups with the biggest gains.
It might not sound like much, but when used correctly this part will give you, the SEO, a clear road map towards SEO success.
And give them, your clients, the impression that you have spent dozens of hours of research and organization on their behalf.
First things first.
What is a keyword group.
Well, imagine all your similar keywords words coming together to form a group.
And then, the similar groups coming together to form a broader group of groups.
And then, all your similar groups of groups coming together to create-- well you get the idea.
What you're left with is a beautiful hierarchy of groups that branch all the way to the individual keywords that make them up.
Is the road map becoming clear.
Take a look at the titles of these groups and how they are clustered together.
These are exactly the words you need to be peppering into your content in order to improve your rankings.
This is the map for you and your article writers to follow to become more successful in this domain.
The report shows the highest level of your keyword groups and how it is making your client money.
Wow, it looks like as a whole, the keywords in this group gained 206, 00 positions this last month, making you an estimated 248, 00 click per month, and gaining you an estimated 48% in traffic gain.
You also ranked on over 16, 00 unique pages in this group.
For a client, that is a colossal statement.
It forever changes how you present your SEO progress.
We are no longer talking about individual keywords moving up and down the ranks.
We're focusing on the whole of what you are doing well.
This moves the volatility of the algorithm.
Gone are the days where you waste an entire meeting discussing why a single keyword have dropped in ranks.
This shows your client that while looking at the big picture, you are always making them money, and you are constantly moving up and to the right.
Also, through your client's eyes, it seems as though you personally spent hours upon hours meticulously grouping their keywords together by hand.
Keep all of this in mind as we go even deeper into this section.
Here again is the top level group.
And here is where it breaks out into some of the smaller groups, and the most successful individual keywords that make up those groups.
Next to the keywords you see how many positions they each gained this month.
The newly ranked keywords are highlighted, clearly stating how your unique work is strengthening the base of these keyword groups.
To the right we can see how many clicks this group has been getting over the last six months.
Click on Additional Details to get a full spread of each one of these groups.
This section provides the same overview, as well as a tasty carrot for your client.
Let's do a quick role play.
Hello, client.
Hello, SEO.
You see how much money this keyword group made this month.
Why, yes, I did.
It's quite impressive.
Well look at how many more clicks I could get you next month.
Oh, wow.
By the way, this is how well your competitors are doing with those same keywords.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
This is our opportunity to grow these groups and gain more traffic to your site and to these pages.
And here is my plan.
Of course, half of your plan has already been laid out for you in these groups, meaning you now have a more detailed road map while working less client hours.
Mai tai anyone.

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