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Section Guide: See gains from your keyword groups
Section Guide: See gains from your keyword groups

How to use different sections of the Recon report to your advantage

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Wait a Second, What Are Keyword Groups Anyway?

To understand why this section packs such a “presentation wallop,” it’s important to understand why we created Keyword Groups as an integral part of the SpyFu RECON Files.

Onto the Tour!  Keyword Groups with the Biggest Gains

What do you see here?

Rotten Tomatoes shares crowd-sourced movie reviews, highlights upcoming features, and tracks action surrounding movies in progress. It’s safe to say that they want a strong online presence on all things “movie” –related.

The Keyword Groups section helps them keep their focus. gets the big picture (yea, puns!) thanks to RECON’s automatic grouping. It could have been “hmm, we did great in ‘best dvd movies’. Just OK in ‘new dvd movies’ …wait, we still need improvement on ‘dvd movie reviews’!”

That’s a hassle you don’t have to worry about any longer.

It’s not so much the time and work involved to track their showing on these terms, but they would lose sight of how they fare on that overall concept. When you think of movies in general, no matter how it’s being searched, how does perform? The answer lies within these keyword groups.

How do you present this?

Help your client understand the benefits of a keyword group perspective. These sub-groups like “Movie Listing” and “Movie DVD” are rolled into a larger group for a truer understanding of categories that came strong with the most improvement over the previous month.

This is especially helpful to avoid backpedaling in situations where one single keyword was off track. Imagine if “summer movie listings” tanked this past month. Instead of spending your time on damage control over a lesser (or less timely) keyword, you’re able to help illustrate the bigger picture for content on the movie listing category overall.

Your best action:

Treat this similarly to “keywords with the biggest gains.” Determine how you made those gains and emulate that action or discipline. Deeper action is easier with the extended details page:

Biggest opportunities within this group

  • Related keywords where you can expand and gain more value


Click gained or lost of these keywords

  • Shows how competitors fared in the same categories.

  • Puts your domain’s performance in perspective



Pages supported by this group

  • Helps target down the content that drove these rankings

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