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SEO Dashboard Guide Part 5: Earn New Business
SEO Dashboard Guide Part 5: Earn New Business

Helpful tutorials for the custom client reports

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The SEO Dashboard report helps you make a case for all the value you created. Now, it’s time to capitalize on that past work and land more business.

This section helps you set realistic (but tantalizing) expectations for potential clients, and you will dazzle them with the stellar results you’re about to deliver.

Video Transcription:

Did you know that the SEO dashboard is split into three main parts.
The first part talks about the value you provided for your client.
This is meant to remind your client why SEO is valuable and essential to them.
And while they're in a state of bliss, we'll strike like a ninja, with the opportunity, the areas they could gain even more clicks and make even more money, by simply using more SEO magic.
And recon doesn't ease them into this.
Oh no.
That would be like easing someone down the first hill of a roller coaster.
We start with their biggest opportunities.
Top of the page, kapoom.
You are in the top 50 positions on 71, 00 keywords.
And if those were in number one, it would be an additional six million clicks per month.
This is a big statement to swallow.
It is, after all, a lot of clicks.
Not to mention, this is not a guarantee of what you will gain them, but the opportunity that you're going after.
So SpyFu also includes a more moderate statement right under it.
Showing that even if you focused on the top 100 of those 71, 00 search phrases, just that tiny fraction of keywords would still get an estimated 2 million clicks a month, which costs more than $2 million in PPC.
Right below this statement, we detail some of those top 100 opportunities.
How they are ranking, how many searches a month they get, and the PPC value of their clicks.
Finally, we show the potential new clicks per month that you could be earning if they were in position number one.
The View More section ads the other keywords that are leading people to the same URL.
And of course, how this keyword has been ranking for the last six months.
The next opportunity section is Keywords Not Ranked On But Should Be.
This really shouldn't require much explanation, but here it is anyways.
You and your competitors often show up in the same search results.
That's why they're competitors.
But sometimes they are showing up and you are not.
Right now there are about 71 million searches per month where you are not contesting your competitors.
Here's one of those keywords, along with it's searches per month.
Here is the AdWords cost per click, as well as the potential clicks your client could gain a month.
Finally, here is the average rank of your competitor on that keyword.
This section is intended to give your client a little nudge, letting them know that the competition is making SEO efforts as well.
Armed with this information, you can then decide if it makes sense to counter them on these keyboards.
The View More section has an interesting chart that actually lists the competitors that are ranking on these keywords and how many clicks they're gaining.
To show opportunity, there are really two strategies.
The one we talked about is basically saying, look at all the traffic we could get and how much that is worth.
But another angle of attack would be to simply say, hey, here are some keywords you're buying on PPC.
That's cool.
That's cool.
But wait.
You are already ranked on these organically, meaning you don't have to wrestle your CMO for more coin for more SEO ninja skills.
Just use some of the AdWords budget and we'll get you more clicks than PPC could dream of.
As a final blow, show them the keyboard overlap in your SEO and PPC campaign section.
Here is, in a clear and visually compelling fashion, the keyword.
And how many clicks it is gaining over the last 14 months in SEO versus PPC.
It also details your ranks and how many times the keyword is searched.
The staggering news is when they see the cost per click and the estimated amount of clicks they're getting a month.
When combined, this is the potential amount of money your client could save on one keyword, simply by requesting more SEO work.
By this point, your client should have an inkling of the vast opportunities SEO can provide.
We sure hope they're prepared for what's to come.

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