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SEO Dashboard Guide Part 6: Keywords with the most potential
SEO Dashboard Guide Part 6: Keywords with the most potential

Helpful tutorials for the custom client reports

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Show clients --existing and potential--where you will drive up clicks in SEO campaigns. It's easy to be this confident in your seo keyword strategy when you know exactly which keywords will pay off the most for you.

Video Transcript:

We have talked a lot about how to use recon files to convince an existing client to continue contracting you for more SEO magic.
But for an SEO it's difficult to conjure up value out of thin air, especially for new clients you're engaging for the first time.
Convincing a new client to pay up front for a service that has complex, long-term strategies and limited immediate results can be like convincing them to swallow an enormous pill.
Meaning you have to either sugar-coat it with additional easier to understand services, or do hours of upfront research free of charge in the hopes of making it back over time.
Recon was designed to turn back that time in your favor.
And that's what the keyword groups with the most potential section is for.
It is the most executable part of the report, to the point where you can approach a customer you have never met and lay out a vast world of opportunity in front of them.
SpyFu does this by first looking at all the keywords you and your competitors rank on, and then sifting out the ones with the most potential.
On this keyword, for example, you are ranked on 111 unique pages on a keyword group that has 105, 00 searches per month.
If they were in the top positions, those numbers would increase to 282, 00 clicks, worth $123, 00 per month.
Getting to position number one on every one of those keywords is quite a feat.
But even if you increase the ranks incrementally on this group, you could potentially gain 30, 00 clicks, which are valued at approximately $9, 00 per month.
So even not at number one, you are still delivering your client a ton of value.
We also break this down in terms of which keyword are gaining this group clicks, and where they're currently ranked.
Finally we take a look at how your client is stacking up against your competitors.
This is good information for your client to have, but the real magic happens in the Additional Details section.
Let's take a quick journey into an opportunity-driven adventure.
Imagine your client has been locked into a broom cupboard for the entirety of their SEO campaign.
And they have no idea of the magical world of opportunity that exists right in front of their nose.
Fortunately, you are wizard and know the many secrets of the SEO world.
You show your client how they can create ultimate good for their business.
Listen closely, client.
Here are the words that you use to open secret passages to success.
As you increase their ranks, so you will increase the rank of the group, earning you more clicks.
Are these clicks valuable.
Yes, very valuable.
Not only will earn you more traffic, but just look at what a single keyword in this group costs on average.
Combine this knowledge with how often these words are searched per month.
Sir! That number doesn't seem possible.
You're not seeing the potential within yourself, client.
Look right here at how many clicks you could be gaining per month if you focused on this group.
Where do all these clicks lead to.
Different keywords in this group lead to certain sections of the site.
If you look, some of these keywords are already optimized, while others are not.
The objective is to have all these words increase in ranks, leading more traffic to your site.
How much more.
This much more.
What is stopping us from gaining these clicks.
Well, client, there are competing forces that are also trying to rank on these clicks.
Some of them are skilled in SEO magic as well.
Oh, hell beast.
How do we stop them.
Link juice, client, link juice.
We increase our article writing, focusing on these words.
We continue to build links and gain link equity.
And we will prevail over the opposition.
Oh, wow, SEO.
That is amazing.
I'm ready to start.
I'm ready to back off the forces of evil and increase the earnings of my company.
Oh, well you don't actually do anything other than give me money.
I will get all of this done for you.
Oh, well.
Good work.
And they all lived happily ever--

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