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SEO Dashboard Guide Part 7: Competitive Insights
SEO Dashboard Guide Part 7: Competitive Insights

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In this final leg of the Recon Files SEO Dashboard tour, learn how to use competitive intelligence to protect your traffic share.  Protect your clicks!

Video Transcript:

Previously on SEO Dashboard.
We have come a long way in our journey.
We have revealed to your client the golden alchemy of SEO value and the celestial mountaintops of opportunity.
But the final chapter of our story is truly where they become the hero, because it finally reveals their villain-- the competition.
This is the section that will compel your clients to action, by revealing the strategies of their competitors.
Let's first take a look at your traffic share.
This is where we take your bright-eyed unassuming client and throw them into a cage against their five biggest competitors to see how they stack up in terms of traffic share.
It seems as though your client is already a formidable warrior, earning the majority of the traffic at 56%.
But what's this.
The competition is taking some of your traffic thunder.
If they continue, they may start taking an even larger piece of your traffic pie.
And you definitely aren't willing to share that.
Your most recent month is an important benchmark.
And past performance certainly illustrates which threats are making the strongest advances.
See it in another perspective using the tornado graph to the right.
Even with a clear lead, you can never turn your back.
Your competition is actively trying to steal that market.
But now you know who's taking the biggest strides to get there.
Perhaps it's time to fight fire with fire.
Get a bit tactical and straight up gank their keywords.
This new found strategy and confidence will help your client defeat the enemy.
So it's time to move into the next chapter of this tale-- top organic competitors and their best keywords.
Ah, familiar rivals and newly discovered up and comers.
This section gives a clear view of the density of the keywords you're sharing with your competitors, and how much traffic their organic campaigns deliver.
What's more, you'll discover how they have reacted to those traffic patterns with their adword spending.
This is fun, right.
Bright colors and numbers and unicorns.
Well, it's not.
This is your treasure map to glory with all of the monsters and their greatest weapons laid out before you.
But you must choose your own adventure.
Decide the best way to attack or evade.
Take a look at the audiobook store.
Their SEO clicks have soared in the last month, yet the keywords they share with you have dropped.
How did this happen.
And what can you do with it.
I'm guessing you have some ideas.
But since I do enjoy my role as the omnipotent disembodied voice, I will lend you some advice.
Improving this dramatically in SEO only happens when doing something so dramatically right.
Considering you are already an utter juggernaut in this marketplace, I would normally say that they were probably copying some of your techniques.
But they're not.
They're finding unique and effective keywords and gaining an unprecedented amount of clicks from them.
You could speculate on why this is happening.
But the simplest and most conclusive way to your own answer is if you simply ran a recon report for their domain and see where their SEO campaign is gaining traction.
Then, steal their ideas.
Here comes the dark part, the cavernous underbelly that we haven't dared mention throughout this whole story-- the adwords budget.
So often, a website's adwords budget plays see saw against their SEO result.
As organic clicks drop, PPC spending goes up.
But here is a unique example.
Increased SEO success and increased PPC budget, while at the same time separating themselves from your keywords.
This can mean only one thing-- they're charging ahead, swords drawn and guns blazing.
Success with SEO creativity let them loosen their purse strings to ramp up adword spending.
A double whammy.
Will you stand by idly and let them take everything you've worked so hard for.
Or will you learn from their strategy and emerge victorious once again.
Of course, as the omnipotent disembodied voice, I already know.
And so do you.

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