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Lead Filters: definition
Lead Filters: definition
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Industry/Keywords: Refine your list of domains by including or excluding those in particular industries. Be as broad as “medical” or as specific as “chiropractor.”

Location: Refine your list by city, state, or a zip code. You can build a regional list by adding multiple states or cities in one search.

AdWords Budget: Refine the list of domains by their minimum or maximum spending in AdWords each month.

SEO Clicks: Refine the list of domains by their minimum or maximum clicks they get from organic search on Google each month.

Available Contact Info: We look for Facebook page, emails, phone numbers, Twitter pages and more methods of reaching a domain. You can limit the domains on your list to only those that have the method(s) you are hoping to use.

Technology: Include or exclude a domain by the technology they use on their website like web analytics and customer management. This will filter on-site technologies like display ads, live chat, retargeting, and even Linux web server.

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