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It's a headstart to creating a Google Ads (formerly Adwords) campaign

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People feel stuck trying to get an ad campaign off the ground. The thing is, they know what they’re supposed to do -- in theory. It’s getting out of first gear that keeps them from making any progress.

Having ready-made campaign templates lets you fast forward through the set-up. 

Any Google Ads campaign takes some prep work. After brainstorming and researching keywords, you might be looking for reassurance that you’re investing in the right ones. Then, you’ve got to group them and write relevant, eye-catching copy, and bid competitively without losing too much of your budget. 

SpyFu’s multiple tools help PPC managers with all of these steps, but we realize that the project can feel daunting. That’s where these Google Ads templates can help. 

At SpyFu, we don’t run PPC campaigns for customers, but we do study millions of them. All of that research and knowledge tells us that there are a few components we could fine-tune and put into production. 

SpyFu Google Ads campaign templates are handcrafted by our expert team, so that you can get your PPC account up and running within minutes.

You get competitive keywords, smarter bids and relevant ad copy -- packaged and ready for your personal stamp. They are included in the price of your SpyFu paid subscription plan at no additional cost.

What’s in the template?

The template is a file that includes pre-written ads for the most strategic keyword groups in that specific industry. What you get for “Pest Control” will be very different from what you’d get for “DUI Lawyer.”

Each template lets you set up a full ready-to import Google Ads campaign. They include:

  • Keywords for the industry, organized into ad groups

  • Exact match keywords, based on SpyFu competitive keyword data

  • Attention-grabbing ads: headline and copy for each ad group 

How does it work?

Select an industry from our drop-down list, and we’ll immediately start the download. (Look for it in your downloads file or on the downloads bar.)

All you have to do with the template is save it so you can import it into the Google Ads Editor. The Editor will read the file to fill in the blanks as though you’ve spent hours building a campaign.

Do I need any special software to use it?

The template itself is a CSV file (a lot like an Excel spreadsheet), but you only need to save it. You will need to download the Google Ads Editor in order to put the template’s data to work.

You should also have an active Google Ads account before starting. 

Can I make changes?

Yes. The template covers the bulk of the set-up, and you add the final touches before making it live. You’ll need to make basic changes like updating the URL for each ad. You can customize the campaign further like adding branded keywords and product keywords with their own ads. 

The campaign doesn’t go live until you decide it’s ready. You’ve got total control over the keywords that you advertise on, how much you will bid for each one, the wording of the ads, and even the date that the ads start running.

You can do as much as you’d like to customize the campaign.

Some of these even include location-specific ad groups. Browse the ads loaded into your Google Ads Editor for any geographic details and make the updates. We’ll even include some opportunities to “insert your business name here” so watch for those customization points.

How easy is this to actually put into place?

We've pulled in Google Ads experts to make this as streamlined as possible. Some changes (like start date) are both easy to switch and nearly impossible to miss. Once you download your first template, we show you a page of instructions--with videos--for every step of the process.

Make as many edits as you’d like or keep it simple. Even with 5 minutes, you can get a new Google Ads campaign off the ground without the tedium or headaches that go with it.

Still Need to Convince Management?

Using a template for Google Ads campaigns can offer several benefits to businesses. Templates can save time and effort in creating multiple campaigns with similar structures and objectives. That way you can easily replicate successful campaigns and make changes that will improve performance.

Second, templates can ensure consistency in ad messaging, design, and targeting across various campaigns, leading to a stronger brand identity and increased trust from consumers. Finally, templates can help businesses stay organized and on track with their advertising strategies by providing a standardized framework for planning and execution.

Overall, using a template for Google Ads campaigns can lead to increased efficiency, effectiveness, and success for businesses of all sizes.

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