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Release Notes 2021/2/3
Release Notes 2021/2/3
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Fixed a bug where non-standard letters (i.e. ë) were being removed from queries when you would navigate from tool to tool.

We improved our exports to now produce up to 500k rows in CSVs and 100k rows in Google Sheet exports.

Resolved an issue with the Clicks column reporting incorrect values on SEO Keywords.

Fixed a bug with the MySpyFu integration on SEO Keywords that prevented users from adding keywords to projects.

Resolved the issue where SEO Keywords were not copying to clipboard.

Made an improvement to PPC Keywords that prevents the page from scrolling to the top anytime you modify the table.

Fixed a bug with the Keyword Difficulty filter on SEO Keywords.

Resolved the issue where PPC Keyword users would lose the entire table when they would try to sort by keyword.

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