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Release Notes 2021/2/10
Release Notes 2021/2/10
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  • We completely revamped SEO and PPC Kombat to run on the next-gen infrastructure. This brought in new keyword data, expanded metrics that are new to Kombat, and updated filtering/grouping ability.

  • SEO Kombat now includes logic to show a Questions segment built on keywords from any of the domains in the Kombat match-up.

  • PPC Kombat now includes a "Hide Your Site's Keywords" to add more functionality in searches that start with a competitor and their closest competing domains. This helps a user avoid redundant keywords.

  • Both SEO and PPC Kombat now allow for additional competitors to be added to the match-up without having to remove other competitors first. This allows for an open number of competitor slots in each match-up.

  • Our API now provides Mobile vs Desktop click data.

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