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Glossary: SEO Competitors
Glossary: SEO Competitors

What does this mean? We cover the definitions of sections and headers on the page.

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View SEO Keywords: Organic keywords for a domain. These are searches that they rank for, whether they intentionally target them or not. We count them up to the 100th position.

View Monthly Clicks: We estimated the number of clicks that each page gets in a month from all of its organic rankings.

View Monthly Value: Depending on where a domain ranks on an organic keyword, we assign it a value (SEO Value) just like how each paid keyword has a certain cost per click (CPC). This Monthly Value metric helps you envision a rollup of all of its organic terms and their collective value that their clicks bring in.

Domain Name: This is the domain of the competitor that ranks for many of the same keywords that you rank for. The more keywords you share of each other's, the higher they are listed here as an organic threat. When you click the name, you will go to a new page showing overall results for that domain.

Overlap: This quick view gives you an initial idea of how many SEO keywords these two domains have in common. Knowing who ranks on many of the same keywords might uncover an unknown competitor.

Common Keywords: This is the count of unique keywords that this domain and your domain both rank for. Click the number to open a new page that lists them all in an interactive grid.

Number of Keywords: This is the number of organic keywords that this domain ranks for (within the top 100 positions).

Monthly Clicks: This is our estimation of the amount of clicks the domain gets from the SERPs due to its rankings across all keywords.

Monthly Value of Clicks: This helps you estimate what ranking organically on this keyword means--in dollars--to a domain. It provides a true reflection of your SEO efforts as well as a measurement of the keyword’s potential value.

It is an approximate value of a keyword, similar to buying ads on a keyword via PPC. This gives a fair value to organic rankings so you can estimate how much they return and prioritize the keywords you aim for. The SEO value mimics PPC costs, but with some adjustments.

**Differences in the Export Page**

Export pages are usually spreadsheets that cannot rely on icons and charts in the same way that our live pages can. What you see on the live page could show up as a number in the export. When that happens, we list any significant differences below.

Overlap graph: On the live page this is a partially filled bar showing how many keywords the competitors have in common. On the export, it is shown as a percentage.

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