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Glossary: PPC Competitors
Glossary: PPC Competitors

What does this mean? We cover the definitions of sections and headers on the page.

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View PPC Keywords: This measures the number of keywords that a domain advertises on in Google Ads.

View Paid Clicks: This measures the estimated number of clicks that each page gets in a month from all of its ads.

View Ad Budget: This measures the estimated amount that the domain spends in Google Ads (search only, not display) each month.

Domain Name: This is the domain of the competitor that advertises on many of the same keywords that you buy in Google Ads. The more keywords you share of each other's, the higher they will be listed here as an ad rival.

Overlap: This quick view gives you an initial idea of how many paid keywords these two domains have in common. Knowing who targets many of the same paid keywords might uncover an unknown competitor.

Common Keywords: This is the count of unique keywords that this domain and your domain both advertise on.

Monthly Paid Keywords: This number may differ from the domain’s total paid keyword count. That number refers to all of the different ads we have seen them buy ever, and this figure measures how many of those keywords we saw them buy during the most recent month. It helps you gauge how active your competitors currently are in AdWords.

Monthly Paid Clicks: This is our estimation of the amount of clicks the domain gets from all of its ads each month.

Monthly Ad budget: This is an estimate of what the domain spent in Google Ads during the most recent month. We use the domain's average ad position along with CPC estimates for each keyword to determine overall spending.

**Differences in the Export Page**

Export pages are usually spreadsheets that cannot rely on icons and charts in the same way that our live pages can. What you see on the live page could show up as a number in the export. When that happens, we list any significant differences below.

Overlap graph: On the live page this is a partially filled bar showing how many keywords the competitors have in common. On the export, it is shown as a percentage.

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