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Glossary: Advertiser History (for a keyword)
Glossary: Advertiser History (for a keyword)

Advertiser History shows the domains that have advertised on one specific keyword.

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Monthly Budget: Reflects the domain’s estimated average daily spending, totaled over 30 days.

Total Keywords: This shows the number of keywords the domain advertised on in the most recent month. They might have had many more keywords throughout the year, and those are listed on the domain’s results page. By looking at only the past month, you can determine how active your competitors have been in Google Ads.

Ad Position (Chart): Newest ad positions are on the right. If the graph gets taller from left to right, that means that the domains’ average ad position on this keyword has gotten closer to #1 over time.

% Top of Page: If a domain’s ad ran 100 times, a 45% rating means that it would have appeared 45 times at the top of the SERP (above organic results).

Also, having a high percent of ads in the above the SERP is very strongly correlated with high quality score.

Coverage: “Coverage” reflects the number of times that the domain’s ad appeared on a keyword, compared to the number of times that keyword was searched. For example, on a keyword with 1,000 searches in a month, a domain with 75% coverage had its ad show up on 750 of those searches.

This metric helps advertisers know when they are missing potential clicks since Google might not always run a domain’s ad even though they bid on a keyword.

**Differences in the Export Page**

Export pages are usually spreadsheets that cannot rely on icons and charts in the same way that our live pages can. A chart that you see on the live page might appear as a number in the export. Or, we include some notations that are used for sorting purposes on the live page. Because of that, we list any significant differences below.

Date: We show multiple dates to distinguish different points where the ads ran throughout the year. It also allows us to share variations of ad copy for the same domain.

Months in Use: Showing "6 of 12" helps you see that this particular ad ran only 6 months of the full year. Its visual counterpart on the live page would be the series of ad boxes shown on the chart.

Title: Title/Headline of the ad that ran at the time for this domain

Body: Main copy from the ad that rank at the time for this domain

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