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Glossary: Top Pages
Glossary: Top Pages

The Top Pages section helps you learn which pages pull in the most organic traffic for your competitors. See what terms on the page mean.

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Pages with the Most Organic Traffic (Top Pages dropdown)

New Pages (Top Pages dropdown)


Total pages: Counts all of the domain's unique pages that appear on SERPs. This number will change if you filter the chart.

Total Clicks: The estimated number of organic clicks (traffic) that all of these pages would receive this month from their SERP rankings. This number will change if you filter the chart.

Est Monthly SEO Clicks

We estimated the number of clicks that each specific page gets in a month from all of its organic rankings.

Keywords (Dropdown functionality):

We count all of the search terms that this specific page ranks for. Click to see details on which keywords they are.

Position (Change): This shows the most recent organic position where we saw this page rank for this keyword. If this page ranked last month, you can see its change--whether it gained or lost position.

Volume: This shows the number of searches done this past month across the US on (or in the UK on if you are looking at UK data). We blend data from multiple sources to give a better snapshot of search activity on this keyword, so it won’t be identical to Google’s metrics for search volume.

SEO Clicks (Change): This is similar to the Est Monthly SEO Clicks metric above, except that it is tied to the page's ranking on a specific keyword. The larger rollup metric is tied to the page's rankings on all of its keywords.

Keyword Difficulty/Ranking Difficulty: We’ve calculated how difficult it would be to rank on this keyword. The score is based on a scale of 0-100 (with 100 being the most difficult to rank for).

Keyword difficulty takes into account the strength of the domains, on-page signals like “keyword in title,” and the number of .gov and .edu domains.

Organic Clicks (Percent): Of all clicks made to this keyword's SERP, this percentage measures how many went to organic results.

Not Clicked (Percent): (Also known as Searches Not Clicked) Some SERPs return enough information that the user does not have to click any results. There might also be unexpected results that cause the user to abandon the SERP without any clicks. This is the rate that searchers leave the page without clicking any result.

**Differences in the Export Page**

Export pages are usually spreadsheets that cannot rely on icons and charts in the same way that our live pages can. A chart that you see on the live page might appear as a number in the export. Or, we include some notations that are used for sorting purposes on the live page. Because of that, we list any significant differences below.

Est Monthly SEO Clicks: This is the same metric shown on the live page, except that it includes a "change" metric that compares clicks to the previous month. You can track any click gains or losses for this page.

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