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Glossary: Ranking History (for a Keyword)
Glossary: Ranking History (for a Keyword)

This feature shows the top domains that have ranked for a targeted keyword over time. Here is what all of the terms on the page mean.

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Top 10: This is the default group of domains for this keyword history search. We show the most recent top 10 domains ranking for this term. You can update the chart with different domain groups (Biggest Gains, Biggest Losses).

Biggest Gains: This group of domains saw the biggest position jumps on this keyword when compared to last month.

Biggest Losses: This group of domains saw the biggest drops in position on this keyword when compared to last month.

Last Rank: This is the most recent organic position we saw for the domain on this keyword.

Best Rank: This is the best organic position (closest to 1) that we saw for the domain during the selected date range.

Domain Strength: We rate domains to show how strong they are in a niche so that you can gauge how important a link from that site would be. A domain with a high score here (closer to 100) consistently ranks on top searches. It pulls in high amounts of quality traffic, and it carries high authority across many competitive keywords.

Position Change: This is the number of spots up or down that the domain moved from its position last month.

Est (POS) Clicks/Mo: We estimated the number of possible clicks that this domain gets in a month from ranking on this particular keyword.

**Differences in the Export Page**

Export pages are usually spreadsheets that cannot rely on icons and charts in the same way that our live pages can. A chart that you see on the live page might appear as a number in the export. Or, we include some notations that are used for sorting purposes on the live page. Because of that, we list any significant differences below.

Date: We show multiple dates to distinguish different points where the ads ran throughout the year. It also allows us to share variations of ad copy for the same domain.

URL/Domain: You will see this repeated throughout the exported spreadsheet to allow for multiple data points (like date and rank) over time.

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