The SpyFu Backlinks tool is made to help you find links that are helping other domains rank for your targeted keywords.

SpyFu Backlinks for a Domain -- This tool shows you the links that a specific domain gets from other sites.

SpyFu Backlinks for Keywords -- This tool starts with a keyword you want to rank for, then shows you the inbound links to sites that rank for that search term. That fast-forwards through the steps you have to do with other tools where you sift through the domain's links in search of the right ones.

This goes directly to the links that help other sites rank for the keyword you're targeting.

Read a walk-through of the tool here.

Throughout our descriptions of the backlinks tools, we repeat that these were created for link discovery. This isn't the place to run a link audit. Why?

  • We remove any duplicates (lowering the "total" count of links on a page)

  • We show only links that Google has indexed.

Those criteria help us deliver quality suggestions that are worth chasing. If you'd like to read more about how to use our backlinks tools for keywords and for domains, jump over to the SpyFu blog to read more:

Change the Way You Find Backlinks Ideas

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