Release Notes 2022/5/18

  • Resolved a bug in PPC Kombat that carried over organic competitors from SEO Kombat.

Release Notes 2022/5/11

  • Fixed a bug in Kombat where selecting all rows or specific rows would cause the CSV and Sheets export to fail.

  • Improved the clarity of various tooltips across the site.

Release Notes 2022/5/4

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "toggle all rows" (select all) functionality from working in SEO Keywords.

  • Updated the welcome message on HQ to render your provided name instead of your username.

Release Notes 2022/4/27

  • Removed a misleading notice that appeared with international backlinks searches that caused confusion.

Release Notes 2022/4/20

  • Resolved an issue in the API documentation where long strings were causing the UI to break.

  • Fixed a bug with the domain validation in the onboarding wizard.

Release Notes 2022/4/13

  • Fixed a bug causing the Ranking History chart to always read “0” when analyzing Canadian data.

  • Resolved an issue in the Outreach Import Wizard where it would frequently respond with a 500 error.

  • Fixed a bug in PPC Keywords that formatted the ad copy incorrectly.

  • Improved the clarity of adding competitor domains to the Competitors tool and fixed the links in the Common Keywords column.

  • Resolved an issue causing PDF Exports to generate blank files when certain sections are omitted.

Release Notes 2022/4/6

  • Fixed a link in the API documentation that was redirecting users back to authentication.

Release Notes 2022/3/31

  • MAJOR UPDATE: We added data for Brazil. Users can now query domains, URLs and keywords pulled from results on Google's Brazil-based SERPs.

Release Notes 2022/3/30

  • Fixed a bug where UK Ad History was returning US data.

Release Notes 2022/3/23

  • Improved the PDF Export layout on the URL Overview so that it fills the document.

  • Fixed a bug in Keyword Research where UK data was not displaying results for the “Also Ranks For” filter.

  • Resolved an issue preventing users from paginating to page 2 on keyword tables.

Release Notes 2022/3/9

  • Resolved an issue where Kombat was not allowing any domains to be queried beyond the three default options.

  • Resolved an issue causing PPC Keyword exports to fail when certain sorts are applied.

  • Added an improvement to Backlinks by displaying the outbound links along with the keywords each backlink ranks for.

Release Notes 2022/3/2

  • MAJOR UPDATE: We added data for France. Users can now query domains, URLs and keywords derived from Google's French SERPs.

  • Resolved an issue causing the tables on Top Lists to render two headers.

  • Fixed a bug in Ranking History where the date picker would read “Over the Last Year” whenever a 12 month range was being viewed.

Release Notes 2022/2/23

  • MAJOR UPDATE: We added data for Germany. Users can now query domains, URLs and keywords derived from Google's German SERPs.

  • Made an improvement to MySpyFu (project manager) Keyword Tracking so newly ranked keywords are easily identified.

  • Resolved a variety of visual issues preventing product pages from rendering correctly on mobile devices.

  • Google Ads Advisor exports are now uncapped.

  • Fixed an issue on the URL Overview that was preventing the organic clicks chart from rendering correctly.

  • Resolved an issue where PDF exports would render tables without borders.

Release Notes 2022/2/16

  • Fixed a bug in Kombat that caused topic selection to temporarily sort the keywords and then revert back to the default sort.

  • Resolved a visual issue preventing tooltips on charts from rendering with a background.

  • Fixed a bug causing the country dropdown to be obscured by various elements on the page.

Release Notes 2022/2/9

  • Resolved an issue where URL queries were causing Kombat to break in various ways.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented filters from updating when parameters were changed in the query string.

Release Notes 2022/2/2

  • MAJOR UPDATE: We added data for India. Users can now query domains, URLs and keywords derived from Google's Indian SERPs.

  • Fixed a bug in SEO Keywords that was preventing the AND/OR logic from working when you would filter to include a URL.

  • We increased the density and made visual improvements to the Domain Overview PDF export.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from querying URLs in Top Pages.

Release Notes 2022/1/26

  • Fixed a bug preventing videos from playing on certain pages.

  • Resolved an issue preventing keywords from being deleted from labels in MySpyFu project manager.

  • Added an improvement that allows you to hover over the Ads column in PPC Keywords and see a list of competitors on the keyword.

Release Notes 2022/1/19

  • MAJOR UPDATE: We added data for Canada. Users can now query domains, URLs and keywords derived from Google's Canadian SERPs.

  • Improved the user experience to be clear about domains as keyword searches. Now you simply wrap a domain in quotes to query as a keyword.

  • Resolved an issue with the Backlinks API where it was returning a 200 http status even when broken.

Release Notes 2022/1/12

  • Fixed a bug that was causing SEO Keywords to export more keywords than were expected. Along with another similar bug where the predetermined sorts (Biggest Rank Gains/Losses, Biggest Click Gains/Losses, etc) were exporting incorrectly.

  • Resolved an issue where the Google update flags were misaligned by two months on various charts.

  • Improved how various Overviews handle rendering long URLs. For example, the SEO Overview would visually break if you were to query a lengthy URL which made most of the page unusable.

Release Notes 2022/1/5

  • Fixed a visual bug that was causing some keyword searches to blow up the Keyword Overview UI.

  • Resolved an issue where some product tours were not firing on certain tools.

Release Notes 2021/12/29

  • Fixed a bug that caused Keyword Ranking History to list the same domain twice for some keyword searches.

  • Improved the performance of multi-way domain searches in Kombat.

  • Resolved an issue on the PPC Overview where the keyword tables were not reflecting the correct state after a keyword was added to a project

Release Notes 2021/12/15

  • Resolved an issue preventing users from exporting to CSV from the SEO and PPC Competitors tab.

  • Fixed a bug causing certain tools to render incorrectly on mobile devices.

Release Notes 2021/12/8

  • Resolved an issue that caused incorrect competitors to be suggested for Australian domains.

  • Fixed a bug in the account section that required you to click "resume" twice when unpausing your account.

Release Notes 2021/12/1

  • MAJOR UPDATE: We added Australian data. Users can now query domains, URLs and keywords derived from Australian Google SERPs.

  • Resolved an issue where logged out users were able to create a PDF export without entering an email. This made users unable to retrieve the report.

  • Fixed a bug that kept Pro plan users from being able to white label reports.

Release Notes 2021/11/24

  • Moved messages that kept some users from being able to access their subscription details.

Release Notes 2021/11/17

  • Added more backlinks data to offer up to 6 times more results than what was previously available

  • Resolved the issues that were causing various PDF Exports to render incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug where free user accounts were unable to see SEO Keywords for all domain queries.

  • Resolved an issue with the "and/or" keyword filter that kept it from working properly.

Release Notes 2021/11/10

  • Improved the formatting of CSV and Google Sheets exports in Ranking History. It gives users the ability to isolate the dates and ranks for each keyword, allowing for improved charting functionality.

  • Fixed an issue with the timeframe slider that occurred when users would toggle the Google updates on the Ranking History chart.

Release Notes 2021/11/3

  • Fixed a visual bug in Ranking History that was causing the PDF Export to render the chart off the page.

  • Resolved an issue in Ranking History that was causing the Google updates to disappear on the expanded chart.

  • Fix an issue in the Recon wizard that delivered users to a blank page after creating a new report.

  • Added the ability to filter by "Start Rank" in Ranking History.

  • Resolved an issue that made some users unable to access their receipts in the account section.

Release Notes 2021/10/27

  • MAJOR UPDATE to Ranking History for domains. This 2.0 version adds keyword and URL details and expands the amount of historical data that users can access. Allows for custom date selections, filtering, and connections to see past versions of ranking content through

Release Notes 2021/10/20

  • Added a link to release notes from the top of

Release Notes 2021/10/6

  • Fixed a bug where UK keywords were return US Estimated Clicks.

  • Resolved the issue that was causing some cache pages to return a 404 error.

Release Notes 2021/9/15

  • Fixed an issue that was causing table headers to obstruct tooltips from rendering correctly.

Release Notes 2021/9/8

  • Resolved an incorrect tooltip on PPC Keywords for the "clicks" metric.

Release Notes 2021/9/1

  • Fixed a bug where the query wasn't persisting when you navigate to the reports tab and then back to a tool.

  • Resolved the issue in SEO Keywords that was preventing the Rank Change filter from working properly.

  • Fixed a bug in PPC Keywords that was preventing the and/or toggle from flipping.

  • Added a new video to the Help menu on SERP Analysis.

Release Notes 2021/8/25

  • The public API has been updated to include the new Domain Stats endpoint.

  • Fixed an issue where Kombat may not properly validate your domain if you add it via the query string.

Release Notes 2021/8/18

  • We made some small improvements to the Competitors Tab interface so it's clear which option is selected on the chart.

Release Notes 2021/8/11

  • Added a new video to the Help menu for the Bulk Uploads feature.

Release Notes 2021/8/4

  • Implemented numerous improvements to the API documentation to help users navigate and delineate between V1 and V2 APIs.

  • Fixed a bug on the Domain Overview that categorized every entry as a large domain.

  • Improved the clarity of a metric in the Google Ads Advisor export. We were using incorrect terminology by labeling a header as "competitors that rank" when it should have been "competitors that buy this keyword."

  • Resolved the issue in Top Pages where CSV and Google Sheet exports were omitting Estimated SEO Clicks from the document.

Release Notes 2021/7/27

  • Fixed an issue in PPC Keywords where exports were capped at 10k rows. CSV's will now export up to 500k keywords and Google Sheets is limited to 100k rows.

  • Improved how our tables sort when you click on the header label. The initial sort sets text entries (domains, keywords, URLs) in ascending order and sets numbers in descending order.

  • Fixed a bug where adding a backlink to your project caused a server response error.

Release Notes 2021/7/21

  • Fixed a bug that had incorrectly marked some keyword rankings as "new" when they did not qualify for that description.

Release Notes 2021/6/16

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Backlinks to return no results when your query included http or https.

Release Notes 2021/6/9

  • Improved the export notifications to help convey the file is being created and not frozen.

  • Fixed an issue on the Competitors table that brought users to Kombat with an incorrect query. Now "Overlap" between competitors will link to a Kombat matchup between those two domains.

Release Notes 2021/6/2

  • Added new on-page Help options on the following tools:

    • Advertiser History for Keywords

    • Ad History for Domains

    • Related Keywords

Release Notes 2021/5/26

  • Added new on-page Help options on the following tools:

    • Bulk Upload

    • SERP Analysis

  • Resolved a visual bug that was causing the UI to render off-center for logged out users.

  • Fixed the issue with invoices that was causing them to render just a loading spinner instead of the invoice itself.

Release Notes 2021/5/19

  • Added new on-page Help options on the following tools:

  • Google Ads Advisor (Domain and Keyword)

  • Competitors (SEO and PPC )

  • Top Pages

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Keyword Google Ads Advisor to return an empty state when user switched to negative match keywords.

  • Fixed a bug in Keyword Backlinks that caused queries to error out and not return results.

  • Made an improvement to SEO Keywords to allow users to query subdomains.

  • Resolved an issue in Backlinks that prevented users from hiding domains from the results.

Release Notes 2021/5/12

  • Added new on-page Help options on 4 tools:

    • SEO Keywords,

    • PPC Keywords,

    • Backlinks for a Domain

    • Backlinks by Keyword

  • Increased the frequency of API usage updates to 15 minute intervals.

  • Fixed a bug with Google Ads Advisor that prevented exports from working altogether.

  • Resolved the issue that was causing charts to grow beyond their containers.

  • Updated the tool tips for various tools that use paid and organic clicks in the column headers to reflect a more accurate description.

Release Notes 2021/5/5

  • Made numerous performance improvements to SEO, PPC and Related Keywords.

  • Improved the clarity in the messaging in Keyword Backlinks.

  • Removed the export notifications from PDF Exports

Release Notes 2021/4/28

  • Fixed a bug where certain links to URL Overview were including html tags in the query. This was resulting in 500 errors.

  • Resolved an issue where adding a backlink to a project did not update the backlinks table.

  • We made some broad improvements to the top section of Domain Overview in an effort to deliver the most important metrics to our users.

Release Notes 2021/4/21

  • Fixed a bug where certain links to URL Overview were including html tags in the query. This was resulting in 500 errors.

Release Notes 2021/4/14

  • Fixed a bug where Bulk Uploads was showing only 5 rows regardless of how many keywords were queried.

Release Notes 2021/4/7

  • Improvement to SEO Keywords that allows you to isolate pages and directories in order to view the keywords they rank on.

  • All keyword tables will now allow you to sort the keywords alphabetically.

  • Google Ads Advisor now provides negative match suggestions.

Release Notes 2021/3/31

  • We shipped an improvement to SEO Keywords that allows you to isolate pages and directories (like in order to view the keywords they rank on.

  • Fixed an issue with the Outreach import wizard that was causing a 500 error.

  • Resolved a bug in the API reporting that was displaying March twice.

  • Addressed a visual issues in Ad History that was causing the UI to break at certain resolutions.

  • Made an improvement to the click change metrics so they metricize accordingly.

  • Fixed an issue where monthly receipts were rendering the loading spinner instead of the transaction details.

  • We updated various links and titles on HQ to include more current content.

Release Notes 2021/3/24

  • Fixed a bug in Kombat that resulted in an empty state after resetting the competitors.

  • Improved the accessibility of tooltips on the Top Ads widget of the Ad History tool. Now you can hover over the relevant charts and elements to get specific definitions of each item.

  • Resolved some pesky visual issues with shadows on tables.

  • Increased the export limits to 500k rows for SEO & PPC Keywords, SEO & PPC Kombat, Top Pages, Backlinks, and Related Keywords.

  • Fixed the leads exports so they no longer build a blank CSV.

Release Notes 2021/3/17

  • Fixed an issue that was causing search suggestions to stop populating.

  • Resolved the permanently disabled NSFW filter on PPC Keywords.

  • Updated the Google Sheets exports to use the new notifications. This improvement will help customers understand what's going on under the hood when we're assembling exceptionally large exports.

Release Notes 2021/3/10

  • Updated our white list of TLDs by adding .security to the list.

  • Updated multiway Kombat queries so user can update the primary domain without having to start over. Dragging a domain to the first spot on the left will set it as the primary domain.

Release Notes 2021/3/3

  • Resolved an issue in Google Ads Advisor where competitors would not update on new searches.

  • Fixed a bug in Backlinks that was causing CSV exports to return a 502 error.

Release Notes 2021/2/24

  • Any changes you make to the competitors in Kombat will persist for you when you return to that domain. It also gives you the ability to share links from Kombat with colleagues and clients without losing those competitors.

  • We began updating our notification scheme for exports so they persist until you dismiss the alert. This will help you understand what is happening in the event you request a large export that can take some time. Currently we've implemented this for PDF exports and will soon be rolling it out to CSV and Google Sheets.

  • We fixed a bug in Ranking History where the trendline was not on by default.

  • We've improved the ellipsing of long URLs in Top Pages. This should keep the table visible at lower resolutions when before, it was being pushed out of view.

Release Notes 2021/2/10

  • We completely revamped SEO and PPC Kombat to run on the next-gen infrastructure. This brought in new keyword data, expanded metrics that are new to Kombat, and updated filtering/grouping ability.

  • SEO Kombat now includes logic to show a Questions segment built on keywords from any of the domains in the Kombat match-up.

  • PPC Kombat now includes a "Hide Your Site's Keywords" to add more functionality in searches that start with a competitor and their closest competing domains. This helps a user avoid redundant keywords.

  • Both SEO and PPC Kombat now allow for additional competitors to be added to the match-up without having to remove other competitors first. This allows for an open number of competitor slots in each match-up.

  • Our API now provides Mobile vs Desktop click data.

Release Notes 2021/2/3

  • Fixed a bug where non-standard letters (i.e., ë) were being removed from queries when you would navigate from tool to tool.

  • We improved our exports to now produce up to 500k rows in CSVs and 100k rows in Google Sheet exports.

  • Resolved an issue with the Clicks column reporting incorrect values on SEO Keywords.

  • Fixed a bug with the MySpyFu integration on SEO Keywords that prevented users from adding keywords to projects.

  • Resolved the issue where SEO Keywords were not copying to clipboard.

  • Made an improvement to PPC Keywords that prevents the page from scrolling to the top anytime you modify the table.

  • Fixed a bug with the Keyword Difficulty filter on SEO Keywords.

  • Resolved the issue where PPC Keyword users would lose the entire table when they would try to sort by keyword.

Release Notes 2021/1/20

  • We made some visual improvements to formatting of the Domain Overview PDF export.

  • Fixed a dead link in the API documentation.

  • Added validation to the "Hide your domain's Paid Keywords" filter in PPC Keywords.

Release Notes 2021/1/13

  • Fixed an issue where the the PDF exporter was failing.

  • Fixed a bug where users were losing their table config when they would perform a new query on SEO Keywords.

Release Notes 2020/1/6

  • Fixed an issue where the MSF Keyword exports had too many decimal places for CPC.

  • Fixed a bug in PPC Keywords where your filters were being retained after you navigated away and then returned.

  • Improved the experience of viewing ads in PPC Keywords on mobile devices.

  • Improved the column order of SEO Keyword exports to support sales efforts.

Release Notes 2020/12/16

  • SEO Keywords now offers the ability to filter by rank change.

  • Made the placeholder copy clearer on the filters for SEO, PPC and Related Keywords.

  • Increased the legibility of icons in the keyword tables.

  • Fixed a bug where many of the keyword tools were using incorrect data for the ads metric in the exports.

  • We have deprecated SEO, PPC and Keyword Groupie and replaced it with grouping functionality within the relevant keyword tools.

Release Notes 2020/12/9

  • The domain overview organic search widget now returns next gen data as does organic keywords table below.

  • We've added the aggregate for search volume to the PPC Keywords table.

  • You will notice "New" tags present on both the primary and secondary navigation for the new tools.

  • We fixed a bug where PPC Kombat was not reloading groups when filters were removed.

  • A new filter for SEO Clicks has been added to SEO Keywords.

  • Temporarily removed monthly cost metrics from the PPC Kombat segments due to inaccurate numbers being returned.

Release Notes 2020/12/2

  • Users can now view and sort by "New Pages" from the Top Pages tool.

Release Notes 2020/11/18

  • Fixed an issue where MSF (project manager) skipped importing contacts from backlinks.

  • Resolved an issue with the SEO Keywords Export where it was including a column that should not exist.

Release Notes 2020/11/11

  • The newest version of SEO Keywords has shipped which runs on our next-gen infrastructure. You will now see many more keywords than before. You can filter by all metrics found on the table rather than just excluding a keyword. You can customize the table to your needs so that you only see the data that's relevant.

  • Improved the legibility of all change columns (Both rank and click)

  • API users can now hit endpoints to retrieve Questions, Transactional Keywords, Also Ranks For, and Also Buys Ads For.

  • Resolved an issue where Related Keywords would reset the displayed columns when entering a new search term.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Top Pages from displaying any keywords associated with a URL.

Release Notes 2020/10/28

  • Fixed an issue where adult filtering was mis-attributing safe for work keywords as NSFW

  • Made an improvement to PPC Kombat to help clarify which segment a user has selected when they deviate from the 4 main ones.

  • Updated tooltips on both column headers and filters.

  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to update project names in MSF

  • Added an improvement to SEO Keywords to allow users to toggle homepage URLs

  • Fixed and improved the searchable dropdown component so that MSF users can easily move keywords in and out of groups.

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